Governor Evers Calls For Decriminalization!

6 months ago


        Earlier this week, #Wisconsin governor Tony Evers announced his budget would in fact contain provisions to #decriminalize cannabis for up to 25 grams of possession or Wait For It , Manufacture of cannabis!

Excerpt Taken From His Actual Press Release

        Here in Wisconsin, with a split legislature, no one really knows what will come of the statement. It may or may not even make it past the congressional floor in Madison. One thing for sure, we all anticipate it is going to happen in Wisconsin, the question is when?

        With all of our neighboring states already onboard, how can our local governments think they can even begin to stop the flow of cannabis. In my opinion, the reality of the matter is that the continued prohibition of such a harmlessly beneficial plant will be a direct cause of un-needed confrontations and smuggling of the warez around all our boarder cities.

        25 grams is on odd number to me though. Where did the Governor come up with this number? While sitting around puffing one down, conversing with his fellas? Come on guys! I can get 224 grams off one plant outdoors! And how do you weigh it? Dry / Wet? In a pot? Couldn't it just be so much dry and a certain number of plants? Am I supposed to cut branches off as it grows to make sure she's only 25 grams? It occurs to me Governor Evers grow box is small!

Anyhow, I'm not really cutting on Evers, it is about time someone got up there and said enough is enough. Although it may not be a perfect scenario, I will take decriminalization of 25 grams any day! Because I know the cops won't be caring about my 13 footers out back!
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That not like 25g in your pocket than in your home? Pretty confusing, if they mean 25g across the board that shows a clear lack of education on the volume of cannabis one can yield from a single plant..


Maybe he expects everyone to grow in a solo cup?


I’m thinking Dixie challenge!