Hello everybody! New here!

6 months ago

Hello guys and gals! About a week ago I was watching some cannabis videos on youtube like I usually do and this video came up in my suggested videos.

I had never heard of this place before but the idea that I could earn something for posting about cannabis was very appealing to me so I joined! I wasn't sure how long approval would take because most places just create your account right away but I'm glad it wasn't that long! It only took a few days I think.

Now on to the main event!
I've got some absolutely delicious Orange Crush and I've gotta say... I am definitely not disappointed in the quality!

I live in Illinois where cannabis is (finally!) legal and we can start to get it without being hassled by the cops! To be honest I never thought I'd see it become legal. I thought the government would fight it to no end and what they say goes. I am glad this is not the case because stoners are not criminals!! We are a peaceful people who just want to relax and enjoy life when we can!

As you might be able to tell by the name, I like to get realllllly high. ;p

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Oh wow! Thank you all so very much for the warm welcome! I don't even get this many replies from my friends on messenger. :' )

@iis3ns - Thank you! I will try. :o)
@iah - Thank you! It's got a great high and it's delicious! I do not know if he is, I will have to check the account! If not hopefully he will come back!
@tecnosgirl - Thank you!
@hd420 - Thank you! I am enjoying it so far!
@relaylogix - Thank you!
@cannabis - Thank you! I really appreciate that! You have no idea!
@z3ll - Thank you! :o)
@offgrid - Thank you!
@stickybudz - Thank you! Yes it seems there are a lot of good posts! I am going through a good bit of them today!


Well. I was going to reward everyone. It seems my like? vote? fire? does not provide anything to anyone haha. How do I give people smoke?

Edit: Like when will I be able to give value for my like? or whatever it's called?


As your stake increases so will your upsmoke. It doesn't take long.

Welcome and make yourself at home.

@reallyhigh Nice intro post.welcome.orange crush looks awesome in your photo . The video from wolf of crypto is good . Look forward to more posts from you......: ) wonder if he is still on smoke btw....?

Welcome to the platform

Welcome brother, enjoy it here, we all love cannabis 💚🌲✌️


Welcome @reallyhigh Congratulations on your first post. Keep with the good posts and i'll be sure to keep rewarding you 😊💚

Hey, @reallyhigh, welcome to Smoke network! :)

Awesome. Welcome to Smoke.io

Welcome! I'm somewhat new here still myself. There's a lot of good posts here!