Cresco Labs discontinues bulk sales

last year


Gelato 31% Thc

Companies making changes to suit the upcoming recreational law

Cresco Labs recently announced it will no longer offer their bulk 1/2 and whole ounce popcorn packaged flowers. This change is being made to increase production of vapes and edibles in preparation for recreational sales. A lot of medical patients rely on these bulk products to get a discount, which typically isn't offered to most patients on buying multiple pre-packaged 8ths.

Major concerns over supply

A lot of the current operating companies are already struggling to meet the demand of dispensaries. Recreational sales in less than 6 months are going to ruin the inventory of every dispensary in the state, especially when it comes to quality flower, as most cultivators are shifting away from flower.

Plans to stock up

I am starting to build up a bigger supply than I normally keep and will ramp that up until we go rec, so that I'm well stocked and don't run out. Hopefully I will have a grow going and get a nice harvest quickly into the new year. I'm pretty excited about growing, and would love to not rely so heavily on the dispensary when supply issues are at hand.

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Its gonna be hard in the short term, short could be a year or longer though... It's funny because I keep seeing how states like Oregon have a surplus of weed that would last year's. I think we'll get there but it will probably take forever with all the bs that is Illinois laws.

After legalization here (Canada), my province pretty much ran dry within a week. We had a few weeks of low availability and poor selection, but everything balanced out pretty quickly. Mind you our population is quite a bit smaller and all the legal weed is sold by the province in their liquor stores instead of dispensaries.


Yeah, you guys have about 32 million people in Canada? We have almost 13 million just in Illinois. Only a dozen "cultivator" licenses were given out and no new ones will be given out with the new recreational law. New "craft grower" licenses will be given out, which will limit new growers to 5k sqft of flowering canopy, so as to not allow them to compete with the existing multi-state cannabis operators.

This is going to seriously restrict supply until the big multi-state operators are able to expand and increase their production to the necessary level, which could take 18 months, or longer.


37 mil.

Hopefully enough decent craft growers will pop up to fill the demand. If the demand isn't filled at a reasonable price, the black market will likely fill a lot of that gap.

Beautiful buds

So they've colluded to drive the market towards expensive 1/8ths? 🤔


Basically yes.

Okay so I need to get you some of these seeds too that I have.

Yikes, not good news for us medical patients. Not really wanting to go back to the grey market, especially because I no longer want to deal with anybody I used to purchase from on the street.