DREAMS OF GROWING IN DELAWARE-current status of legalization in my state.

8 months ago

It is a personal goal of seeing my weed seed to food in the next 3 years...Pot to Spoon if you will ;)


Although Delaware House Bill 110 did not pass this past legislation, losing by only 5 votes, the battle to legalize recreational marijuana in Delaware is unrelenting. January 2020 is a highly anticipated legislation where H.B. 110 is expected to pass. What also did not pass: HOME GROWS, prescribing to treat anxiety, & letting patients prescribed marijuana carry a registered firearm.

What did pass? Senate Bill 24 which expanded what patients can get medical marijuana.

This Act allows a patient to qualify for a valid registry identification card to purchase and use medical marijuana for any condition that a physician certifies that medical marijuana would likely provide a therapeutic pr palliative benefit. This Act removed the requirement that only certain specialists may verify the use of medical marijuana...

This is further explained here.


Marijuana in Delaware is grown exclusively by 3 companies: First State Compassion , Compassionate Care Research Institute, otherwise known as Fresh Dispensary , & Columbia Care. I have been to and made purchases from all 3 dispensaries. Products differ with the older dispensaries (First State Compassion) having the widest variety, the newest (Fresh Dispensary) having the better looking flower.

These institutes are regulated by Division of Public Health (DPH) & Division of Health & Social Services (DHSS). There is also a Medical Marijuana Program Over-site Committee (OMM) which ensures ONLY that products are free of contamination. I recently wrote to the Director of the OMM in attempt to develop comprehensive services surrounding the use of medical marijuana and am would like to share Delaware’s Current Training Module if anyone is interested in how people at dispensaries get trained (I'm working hard to be more accepting of the OMM and the current practices as it is clear I will be working with them in the very near future):

These 3 growing companies also have dispensaries in each of the 3 counties in Delaware (New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County). Delaware is a small state so traveling anywhere does not take long, and these locations do make the longest drive for any individual card holder up to 40 mins. I have been lucky enough to live no more than 15 mins from mine and it is on my route home from work!

In an article titled “Growing Marijuana In Delaware”, I learned some especially interesting facts that specifically pertain to growing in Delaware.

Although the law does not permit personal medicinal plants, there are definitely some details I am grateful worth knowing:

In Delaware, possession of up to only 1 ounce of weed carries a $100 fine. Possession of> 1oz up to 175gs is considered a misdemeanor. If there is suspicion of intention to sell, the stakes rise! Possibility of up to 8 years in jail with a felony charge. Growing over 1500 grams with an intention to sell WILL, however, carry the potential of 25 years in prison!

What gives “rogue growers” in Delaware a little wiggle room (and me a little hope) is that Delaware does not have a law on weighing cannabis in PLANT FORM. And as long as I’m the only one intending to use my home grown cannabis, I should be able to successfully grow a few plants and fulfill my dream although it would be prudent for me to show a little patience as full legalization is very very near!

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That would be a landmark for Delaware. Maryland should also be considering it, but they are busy halting grow licenses and shuffling commission bodies all around. It a misdemeanor here to have <50 pounds if no intent to sell is determined, yet people can’t grow it. Seems like a confused batch of legislators, doesn’t it? 🤣