Traveling to Canada With Cannabis

6 months ago

Are thinking about a trip into Canada either by a foreign domestic flight or passenger vehicle?

Coming from the plug you probably think I'm gonna talk about how to smuggle your ish... That's most likely for another article when I'm feeling a little more like an outlaw

Today I come to tell you not too, cos there is little need. You can most likely find bud anywhere in Canada now!

Photo by Ali Tawfiq on Unsplash

The new laws concerning the Cannabis ACT that was passed in June of 2018, and impacts my thoughts about traveling with cannabis into the country.

Canada has 91 airports that reported 5.6 million flight movements in 2017. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, over 75 million passenger vehicles entered Canada in 2017 at the 111 US border checkpoints.

The US border has more entry points into Canada than a White House intern!

...and out of the 75 million passenger vehicles that traveled into Canada, a lot of cannabis made it safely; however, how does the new laws affect the average person who wants to take their prescribed medical marijuana products or weed with them today?

How the Cannabis Act Effects US Citizens

Since cannabis is illegal in the US by federal legislation, the US government warned citizens that previous cannabis charges could result in denied entry into the country. US citizens cannot drive or fly into Canada with any form of cannabis unless they want to face possible charges on a federal level.

If you thought the US was tough on drug charges? Canada offers up to a 14-year prison sentence for US citizens who are leaving Canada with cannabis bought in their country that are trying to take it back home across the border. It might be a good idea to leave the Canadian weed in Canada.

Citizens of the United States can buy cannabis while visiting Canada at a number of retail sources.

The minimum age requirement is that an individual must be 19 years old to buy cannabis in a Canadian province, and 18 years old in Quebec and Alberta.

You must have a valid ID whether you order your cannabis online or purchase in store.

Ontario is the only Canadian province where cannabis is not available yet for purchase at brick-and-mortar retail stores. All other provinces have some form of a retail store where a US citizen can walk in and simply buy some goodies. These stores are either run privately or by Canada’s provincial liquor board.

While the US still seems to struggle with states on an individual basis for retail sales, Canada Upsmoked the whole country at once and made it legal across the board.

How sweet would it be to walk into a store and buy some Trainwreck and a bottle of Jack Daniels at the same time?

Sounds crazier than Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon’s sex tape; however, both are true.

Where Can You Smoke Cannabis in Canada?

Even though you can legally have 30 grams of cannabis on your person, the safest place to smoke cannabis is to know the local province’s regulations on public consumption. Some provinces ban public use and cannabis has to be smoked inside of your residence, and some provinces have designated smoking areas as long as children are not present.

Additionally, do not smoke cannabis inside of a vehicle, it’s illegal to drive and smoke cannabis in Canada. Some provinces even apply the rules to passengers in a vehicle.

The best advice is to read the rules and regulations of the province that you are visiting.

The Canadian flag is red and white; however, the leaf is now green!

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This is very well said. I love how you did the title to be related but not be related to the post. YouTube style. As a small time YouTuber I am impressed. I also love your humor. It's good to know what you can and can not do. The reason being that most people just walts into a place where it's legal and think they can just sit anywhere and smoke. No dude. You can't. Alcohol is legal in most of the countries and you can't just drink anywhere you want. I have noticed that a lot of members on smoke are from Canada and it's good for people to study up a bit about the ins and outs of can and cannot do with cannabis in a legal country. Resmoked.


Thanks for the support. Glad you like my style. :D

Moving to Canada in 3,2,1...


no joke.. got to get away from prohibition

Some great information here, well put! However as a Canadian with medical access, leaving the country with cannabis is not allowed for many reasons, with not all states even accepting medical it would be wrong to send me into an illegal state with my goods lol. For the smoking and personal growing I find this will be challenged. As you said we had some provinces deny the smoking cannabis where cigarettes are allowed as well as no to cultivation of four cannabis plants. I give it a year before someone’s challenging to bring their charges to a provincial court which will change those provinces. As for stores, this is the saddest part yet. We have had more stores close then opened. My medical member only store was raided Jan 2nd and has shut down since as well as 3 or 4 others just in my city alone. I’ve personally looked into opening a store, in Canada to apply alone is gunna run you around 15-20k not including rental space any goods or insurance. I hope we see some better change here soon but as of right now in the eyes of many Canadians like myself, this Legalization has had a negative impact on our medical market.

Its a good thing that the laws are changing or getting lenient on the individual level if not on the collective level and you can have cannabis though in a small quantity. I think most of the governments are waiting for an event/incident at the international level before they can look to legalize cannabis.

Good travel for the canadians!! :)


Above average post quality, SMOKED, RE-SMOKED and RE-RE-SMOKED!!!


If you're Canadian you can fly throughout Canada with a minimum of 30 grams on person.