Why Nigerians Blame Cannabis On Mental Illness.

8 months ago

Anytime Nigerians see a person struggling with any type of mental illness the first thing that comes out of their mouth is that he or she lost their mind as a result of smoking weed (igbo). I for one have said this severally. I once had a childhood friend who lost his mind when I saw him and I asked my friends what happened? they all replied; WEED. And I told my sisters the same because I believed smoking weed results in mental disorder. poor Me! This was the world that I'm born into.

Nigeria is a very religious and superstitious country. Anything a typical Nigerian cannot explain he brings in God or some superstitious BS. Some Nigerians believe HIV is a spiritual problem and it is God punishing fornicators and adulterers and that is funny as hell. Some think Ebola is a biological weapon and Evolution is just a white man way of denying the existence of God. They refuse to read and check the data and that is why they attribute every type of mental health disorder to cannabis or drug.

When I first came to Lagos I had an encounter with a mentally unstable person. These individual wander the street of Ikeja without any help from his family or the government for a year plus. Everyone around the street told me it is IGBO and I always reply that "weed doesn't make people mad" but they will keep arguing with me without any evidence to back up their claims and I really do not have the time to school anyone that refuses to learn. The average Nigerian hates progressiveness.

A lot of people don't know that disorders that affect your mood and thinking can be ascribed to mental illness. Nigerians assume until you totally lose your mind that is when you truly have a mental problem and that is not true. Mental problem like depression is insidious. Mental problem could vary from an anxiety disorder, eating disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar and even addictive behaviours like drinking too much coke.
But at the first gesture of any odd behaviour in an individual spiritual and superstitious beliefs jump in, this has lead to more and more individuals struggling with mental problems that are treatable to suffer in isolation. The irony is that those spiritual people spread a lot of pseudo aprioristic message and because they speak eloquently Nigerians will always believe them.

People who spread such messages are either Nollywood movies, pastors, spiritual leaders or some village head.

The federal Ministry of health raises an alarm that 30 per cent of Nigerians were suffering from mental illness. which means 60 million of the estimated 200 million population are struggling from one form of mental illness.

I don't know how to educate ignoramus around me that cannabis shouldn't be blamed for the widespread of mental illness in Nigeria but stress, hardship and poverty that we have in the country should be blamed. In fact, Nigerians need to know that cannabis can actually help people suffering from schizophrenia and psychosis. Not just cannabis a lot of psychedelic drugs can be used to treat mental illness. In fact, my late mother told me that her Dad who was a traditional herbalist used magic mushroom to treat people who had mental problem. He was the strongest herbalist in Ondo state he never discloses his preparation compositions till he died but my mum used to assist him in picking Iboga Mushroom! The first record of mushroom used as a hallucinogenic agent was credited to the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria in Africa which is where I hail from.

In Nigeria, Information on the indigenous use of mushrooms had been passed orally from one generation to another. I am very sure that some of this undocumented information had been lost, unlike China and Japan that had all their ethnomycological uses of mushrooms are documented. so the younger generation in Nigeria has little or no knowledge about ethnomycological uses of mushrooms. Some edible/medicinal mushrooms in Nigeria had also been extinct as a result of human activities during farming and annual wildfire outbreak Pulse Journalist Rodale wrote about how Mushroom can reset the brain of an individual struggling with the mental problem but as usual, the government ignored it.

Nigerians think cannabis users are ill because they use cannabis. They don't see the big picture. People take cannabis because they are ill.

We have high sobriety using cannabis to rehabilitate people addicted to
•Heroin / Morphine
•Prescription Pain Medications
•Suboxone / Methadone
•Cocaine / Methamphetamine
•Ecstasy / MDMA
•Xanax / Valium

But our analogue government are burning and killing cannabis users, growers and advocate while they and their children receive top-notch treatment when they struggle with any form of mental problem. I particularly used CBD oil to withdraw from Tramadol and also helped a lot of people including my Lawyer brother.

So next time someone says we should blame cannabis for mental issues in Nigeria feel free to slap some senses into them.

Caution: cannabis contains different chemical components of which the two principal components are Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) and cannabidiol. THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and studies have shown that it produces transient psychotic symptoms. hallucinations or delusions can be caused by Δ9-THC. If you have a history of mental health disorder in your family it is better you use only CBD products which you can buy on any popular e-commerce sites in Nigeria at least until it is legalized and controlled.

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great post, it's a real shame how effective prohibitionist propaganda has spread, it's time to re-educate people on the true healing properties of high quality cannabis

Reefer madness still alive and kicking there.