What You Can Do To Help Cannabis Legalization In Your Country Using Smoke.io

11 months ago

Whether you live in a country where marijuana is legalized or not, there’s still a lot you can do to help legalize marijuana in your country without having to be an activist.

The problem i notice in this part of my country Nigeria is that most people are scared to talk about Marijuana publicly. I personally have spoken to several stoners that are Nigerians on smoke.io for us to organize a meetup or just a mini smoke fellowship but they have refused for reasons known to them.

I personally have been talking about Cannabis in my country. Have organized meetups for cannabis and cryptocurrency, have had charity events where i donated funds that i made from smoke. People called us smokers when we where at the camp but we are getting to normalize cannabis consumption. We are gradually changing the mindset of people about stoners. We are letting them know stoners are not thieves, not mad. The country you reside won't legalize Marijuana until Marijuana users advocate for its use with proof. If you think things will change anytime am sorry to tell you; it won't. You need to do something about it. You need to educate, create awareness on social media. Just constantly talk about cannabis.

All of my friends and family know that i use cannabis and they all respect that. They all known i live a decent lifestyle. Am always careful of what i do around them. Some of my friends had to come out and tell me am the best smoker they have seen. I always find time to educate them about weed and many already are either using cannabis actively or writing about cannabis. Around my friend cycles i was the first person to use cannabis and many of my friends at school then where very religious but after my constant messages about cannabis four out of my six friends use cannabis both for recreational and medical reasons. I have friends like @bmok and @bekylicious who where strong ant-cannabis folks until we meet and now they just don't use cannabis they also write and create awareness about cannabis.

Different ways to spark up a cannabis movement in your country

  1. Get informed: The best advocate is an informed advocate. The best way to being an effective advocate is a firm understanding of cannabis history, the political landscape in which you are operating, the rules of engagement and the ability to articulate your needs. There are new studies about cannabis being released almost every day, and staying updated and well educated about the many new things we discover about cannabis plants is essential for this fight. When you are informed you have a edge in any arguments when you are given the opportunity to challenge a person’s beliefs about cannabis. You can stand and defend the right of this miraculous weed.

  2. Use the internet: for those of us in Africa that are totally scared about talking openly about cannabis you can use Facebook, twitter and Instagram to share weekly post on the medical use of Marijuana. You can also comment on post that are anti marijuana. Have seen post on Facebook where uneducated folks say stuff like cannabis is for violent people and armed robbers or terrorist. Cannabis is used by losers and low life individuals. I always come at them with proof of different scientists and president who once inhaled and used cannabis.

Someone on Facebook once told me cannabis is used by criminals so it is bad. I replied, terrorist eat rice so should we all stop eating rice too? because criminals use them? He couldn't reply me.

My point basically is that we can dedicate one or two post monthly or weekly or yearly to pass a message about cannabis on your social media accounts, you can share links or stories to help educate your friends. If you are shy of letting your friends know about cannabis from your post then you should not be using cannabis at the first place.

  1. Educate your family and friends: if you are able to convince even just one person on the importance of cannabis, then you are already a winner and have done something quality when it comes to cannabis. Once in a while i post about cannabis on my whats app status to trigger questions from my sisters and friends, we argue and at the end they will tell me they can support cannabis but not for recreational usage.

  2. Stay far from promoting smoking marijuana for recreational reasons: You do not want anyone to perceive you as a recreational drug abuser..you have to let them know you are more concerned about the health benefits of cannabis than any other thing. They need to see that you do not just want to see cannabis legalized for personal reasons. Let them know people are dying and the only way you can help is by legalization of the herbs. I once had to contact an Epilepsy organization in Nigeria so that we can use their NGO to advocate about the medical benefits to epileptic persons we got close to getting a license to plant and produce CBD oil in Nigeria.

  3. Organize webinars: many people won't want to come for your cannabis meetups but you can organize health webinars centered on different sickness that cannabis can cure. I once had a google hangout with four girls on how to produce RSO oils for menstrual pains and the health benefit of the herbs for women. I brought in a cannabis female advocate from Dash. I am planning to have a proper webinars for tramadol abusers so i can share my own story and let them know how to withdraw from drugs using cannabis. I will have a record of it and will upload on all my social media accounts. I already helped my lawyer brother to start up is addiction therapy using cannabis.

  4. Dress like you are going to work; make sure you are very presentable and go to places where cannabis users are to share smoke.io flyers or cards if you cannot talk publicly about cannabis at least you can ask others to join smoke.io so they can learn more about cannabis. Have asked my printers to work on new flyers and T-shirts of smoke.io i will be visiting the only shrine in Nigeria where cannabis is legal. I will share some health benefits of cannabis behind my flyers in that way i can bring in more soldiers who are ready to help with awareness. When you network with other cannabis users you are expanding your clans from 1 squad to more than one. Fighting as a group will do more good than going at it alone.

  5. Is there a drug reform organizations close to you? If yes then try to ask about their meeting period and try to attend them if you have any chance of speaking at the event just make it a high priority to talk about Cannabis health benefits and testimonies. That will go along way in the struggle to legalize Marijuana.

We all need to come out green! let people know you are pro cannabis even if you do not want them to know you use it.

Remember, if you are in an illegal country and you want to share your success with medical cannabis, you want to share the success you had while living or visiting a legal country. If you haven't been to any, you can always share other people stories . You do not want to take any chance getting arrested!

I for one when i share my story on Facebook i put in a legal disclaimer at the beginning and end of the story. Let people know you do not have any illegal drugs and the post was just for informational reasons. With that no one will arrest you.

It is our job to let everyone know that People who smoke weed are caring, fun, loving, peaceful and hungry people.

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This is good advice but it won’t necessarily make people talk more openly about it:

Let people know you do not have any illegal drugs and the post was just for informational reasons. With that no one will arrest you.

People are scared from jail. Depending on how local squads behave they are only one share/screenshot away from being observed.

While I wish things were differently, I can not blame them. Especially not in places where the topic is stigmatized.

Gossip is an evil thing. A thing many love to participate to but not many love being subjected to. Even less so if their area suffers from small village mentality.

Events and educational pop-up stands are best but again depending on local mentality they can brand people.

CBD products, and even hemp, are of a great help. They can be considered stepping-stone in awareness.

Good read, educational and interesting. We should have more appreciation for people that spread the word about legalization, ofli e. Unfortunately, it is still taboo and most smokers would not come out of closet as they are afraid for their work and life, and it is fi e.
It is not worth the risk of being stigmatized in illegal countries.

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Fear of persecution is real. I don't blame people for wanting to stay anonymous

My family knows my stance but that's about as far as that goes. Although I do feel strongly for legalization.