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According to the Executive Director of the NDLEA, Ahmed Giade; we burn over 1 billion Naira worth of cannabis yearly, and we have destroyed over 480 acres of cannabis farmland just in Ekiti state alone.

This have been the yearly war on Cannabis in Nigeria with no hope for the future.

Nigeria fight on drugs isn't focus alone on cannabis but on tramadol, codeine, Rohypnol, Diazer and many other illicit drugs. and it is painful that this analogue government do not know that Cannabis should not be listed with other opioids like tramadol but should be used to combat the illegal use of the drugs.

The annoying aspect is that The number of those addicted to the drug is set to soar in two to three years time to come. In Nigeria, 70% of all those in rehab are for opioid abuse used tramadol.

Over 500 million tramadol was consumed in Nigeria last year and over 1 million Nigerians abuse tramadol.

Mrs Apiafi said “In Nigeria, between January and December, 2015, 1,044 patients were admitted for treatment in the 11 treatment centres currently part of the Nigeria Epidemiological Network of Drug Use (NENDU) reporting system.

“And, 28.3 per cent of the patients had an opiate addiction and the opiates were mainly prescription Medicines: Tramadol (71 per cent as 1st most frequently used substance and specified).

“Codeine (15.1 per cent) and Pentazocine (9.9 per cent), Heroine and Morphine represented only 3.3 per cent of the opiates declared,” she said.

She added that since 2015, Codeine had nearly overtaken tramadol as the most abused opiate in Nigeria.

Thousands of young people in Nigeria are addicted to Codeine cough syrup – a medicine that has become a street drug. Three million bottles are drank everyday in Nigeria’s North alone, according to a recent Nigerian government report.”

Now the government are totally feed up and they decided to launch a full war on tramadol and Codeine abusers but they failed to produce government owned rehab centers. This addicts don't get their drugs anymore and many of them are moving to alternative drugs some have gone far as smoking dried dirty water from gutters.

This addicts are so poor they cannot afford a rehab center fee of over 80,000 Naira (222$)

For the past two days now over 4 different boys have contacted me on whatsapp complaining on different withdrawal symptoms and they are seeking for my advice on how they can wean off it since they cannot buy their drugs anymore. They all know i was once an addict also. Tramadol have increased from 100 Naira(0.27$) per sachets to over 3,000 Naira(8$) per sachets. That is a crazy 2,900% over the last 8 months.

When i was struggling with tramadol withdrawal symptoms i meet with a lot of rehabs centers in Abuja and Hospitals even in Lagos. What i was given was just Drugs and more drugs. None of this drugs worked for me. I wasn't able to withdraw and my doctor told me it will take me six months to withdraw from tramadol and with cannabis i was able to withdraw completely in one month two weeks.

Yesterday my lawyer contacted me via whatsapp explaining that his brother was addicted to tramadol and he takes over 1,500 grams of 'joy boy' as it is popularly called in Nigeria. He said this is totally affecting his finance as he is burning over 3,000 Naira daily on drugs. In a country that the average Nigerians live on just 2$ daily, spending 3,000 Naira for drugs is very high. The brother complained of insomnia, diarrhea, bloody urine, mood swings and strong headache.

My lawyer have always been against my Marijuana post on social media until yesterday when he had to buy his first Marijuana. I told him Good people disobey bad laws. We laughed and continue our Chat.

He was very angry and he called his brother an addict i told him that is not true. i let him know it was just withdrawal symptoms and if he is ready to listen to me we can both help him out with Marijuana. He wasn't too comfortable at first but over time he had to listen to me.

I showed him how to prepare canna butter and tinctures and he bought his first cannabis yesterday at a black market in Abuja. He showed me this morning that he has been able to prepare the cannabis oil and butter and will be sending his brother down to stay with him for a month so he can be able to fully detox from the drugs.

Hopefully he will be joining soon too.

I and his little brother spoke on phone today and we will be moving to the next level by getting more tramadol and codeine addicts to use CBD oil to wean off the dangerous drugs. We will be starting up a discord group and will be having several videos from addicts who have been able to wean off by using Marijuana which will be on IG and Twitter so that people will also see the positive side of Marijuana maybe this will also help us get the attention of the government. He will be joining by tomorrow as he is new to cryptocurrency and i need to put him through.

With this strategy and more of it we will be able to show the Nigeria government that Cannabis has a lot of health and mental benefits and the fact that hoodlums and political thugs uses it doesn't mean it is bad at least political thugs and hoodlum eat rice, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco too, do we also tag rice,tobacco and drinks bad?

#BuildingAHemp-Ire #AfricaWeedsionary #CBDOIL #SmokeOnMate

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You are doing good work. For all of us and you guys over there. Any addiction is difficult, especially fighting it. Hope he gets through first two weeks of living hell. After that it only gets better. If you want to jump high, you need to squat low!


If his brother will allow him smoke more during the first two weeks he won't feel much pain.

During mine I used CBD oil before sleeping and I also add cannabis with my food then smoke one or two joint daily.

With that I didn't experience pain. It went smoothly till I was able to go without smoking and Tramadol.

Thanks for the support.

Smoke on bro


What helps me in my sleep is Valerian and Hop tincture. I am not sure if you can buy it over there though.


Yes we can. Hop Tincture can be substituted for bitter leaves and then Valerian are widely used here .

The leaves are used ethno medicinally in Nigeria for insomnia and anxiety among other uses.

COMMONLY called snakeweed and rat tail, Stachytarpheta cayennensis, belongs to the plant family Verbenaceae. In Nigeria, it is called tsárkíyárkúúsùù in Hausa, àgógó ìgún in Yoruba.

How do you prepare and use it?


I buy in pharmacies already done. They are not expensive here so there is no point in preping them myself.

I'm sad to hear that your people suffer from addiction to such hard core shit stuff. It's good that people are starting to accept the positive effects cannabis can offer for them and their health. I hope that cousin of your lawyer makes a swift recovery and I hope to see him one day on smoke.