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last year

Have been smoking for years and have never seen a single strain in my life! what a pathetic situation.

Cannabis is illegal in my country and many of the street cannabis dealers don't know much about cannabis. they even don't know the word "cannabis" that is how bad situation is here.

Many of our weed have more than enough seeds to show we smoke mostly male weed. So we do not know the level of THC in our weed talk more of the CBD but we hope things change soon.

It painful that we are living in deceit when the largest cannabis greenhouse on earth is in Nigeria. It is over 350,000 square feet.

over 14.3% of Nigerians smoke cannabis and we hope it increases to 40% by next year.

On the world cannabis consumption chart Nigeria trails behind only Ghana in Africa. From the NDLEA records, about 80 percent of substances abuses, trade and use in Nigeria is cannabis. It is most rampant in Lagos, the biggest commercial city in Nigeria. At Oshodi, a commercial hub in Lagos, large sections of the railway lines have been colonized by marijuana smokers. All day long, smokers freely smoke the drug in public view. Those who do the selling, usually boys as young as 12 years old, are often scruffy-looking and hang around in clusters. They clutch black nylon bags containing the drugs and make catcalls – a peculiar form of advertisement – to potential buyers.

But i really want to bring a change to this by doing proper seminars, meetups and offering free lectures to NGO's and also visiting hospitals and giving out free cannabis oil, cannabis drinks, and many other cannabis products during Christmas and new year.

FUD have been spread about cannabis even by well educated individuals even after seeing the ban lifted in South Africa and Lesotho our government are still saying trash about cannabis this is one of them by a prominent member of the Nigeria cabinet.

“These are substances that are not good for all of us, anybody that takes such is reported to be aggressive. On behalf of the Customs Service, I now hand over these substances for confiscation and prosecution of offenders,” said Uba Mohammed, the Unit Controller."

We will like to debunk messages like the above on social media and news line. This is my only Joy and what i really want to do in my country.

I and my team will be hosting a big summit in Lagos Nigeria but for now we will like to speak at different drug enforcement agency meeting or summit and also organize meetups with doctors and many other just to make sure that the ban on cannabis will be lifted very soon. We are not looking for many people just a handful pf dedicated members to join us. You can contact me on discord if you are willing to advocate for the decriminalization of cannabis in Nigeria or you have resources to share to us. You must not be from Nigeria you can join our board when we launch fully. We will be registering our NGO and website by Jan.

We have started our first cannabis meetup sponsored by and you can check that up


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Nice to see the movement starting up, the government is so clueless about the situation of things and the development on going in the world right now, they are still fixed on crude mentality


Very crude mentality but we will just have to push ahead until they listen to us.