Cannabis Meetup sponsored by PAC

last year

The Report

The 2018 PAC Africa Conference (held at prestige station Lagos Nigeria) included talks on numerous topics and had several side events in smaller rooms. Most of them were practical workshops focused on a PAC Blockchain technology And project. Nigeria Stoner had three of them--the first one focused on General Blockchain Technology and PAC investment opportunity the second on Cannbis health benefits, third had a focus on and medical benefits of Marijuana.

Several people mentioned that they would love to see workshops focused on MN, shares setup alone via any cloud base app and also showed concern about the lack of EXCHANGES for PAC in Africa and also wanted to know if they can easily use PAC in Nigeria the way BTC and DASH can be used. Because this will help MN owners and share owners to easily buy more PAC with their Naira and also spend it. We invited mostly business owners and salary earners who can afford the money to buy PAC and IT know hows to setup MN or Share while many of them where bloggers and where stoners like me. We spoke about our intention in listing Smoke on any available exchange so most Nigerinss can easily convert their smoke to naira and buy more smoke!

Stoner, followed this multiple-choice approach with an MN Shares workshop that explained how to use Vultr to setup their computer due to the inconsistency of electrical power in Nigeria. Nigeria Stoner also demonstrated how to use the PAC wallets both for PC and the Android wallet also, how to setup smoke accounts and register on exchanges to buy and sell smoke.

Nigeria stoners presentation offered suggestions on how to get involve in the Smoke community and the DAO. Gave them a practical experience on how to upvote, re-smoke and earn smoke and how to also get involve with the community.

this was the first ever meetup for cannabis that was sponsored by DAO. Would love to do more summit and conference with target to cancer NGO's, medical association members, epilepsy associations and other medical association that will need cannabis.

I believe reaching out to NGO's and giving back to your community will be the best way to educate people about cannabis in a country where it is illegal. The crowd where surprised about what cannabis can do.i also advertise some of my cannabis oil on konga!

Social responsibility and charitable acts are the way forward provided that you do it the right way. This means starting with your local community; find out what they need and want. Learn about the dynamics, what people care about, and what their fears are. When you’ve gotten this information, you can better equip yourself to engage in charitable projects that will earn their support while helping to change the reputation of cannabis in your area. Our collective efforts are needed in the decriminalization of cannabis.

Legal or not there are, some inexpensive ways you can give back include offering group counseling, acupuncture and massage therapies, offering seminars and workshops on overall health and cannabis use, or just providing people with a space to gather a few times a month in your house or an open field where they can share ideas and talk about cannabis. I intend getting few vaporizers, RAW papers, cannabis oil, cannabis drink, rechargeable lighter, to share during Christmas and visit hospital to give folks who are struggling with pains Cannabis oil for a try. You can also implement other services depending on what your regulations permit: book clubs, product review, game nights, veteran group meetings, food pantries, lectures, classes, and more. You can also be engaged by offering your resources to help with street cleanups, crime prevention efforts, clothing drives, emergency relief drives, local fundraising, school supply drives, and much more.

We all don't have excuse why we shouldn't talk about cannabis in every opportunity we have! also cannabis users should learn to dress properly and live a life of difference that shows value!

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This is great way in offchain engagement. Kudos to all thet participate in the sumit.
Too bad we cannot see video of the lectures.


Yes, we will be releasing videos on our next outreach. We will be reaching out to people who are suffering from different pain related problem and NGO's. I will be dropping videos. @psyceratopsb

Legalize It! No one should be going to jail for it and it brings comfort to many people with ailments. Great to see you are actively joining together to push towards legalization :)


Yes, we hope our campaign brings results.

Glad to see this, and so happy you are now in Canna-Curate. We got your back!


Thank you so much!

Welcome to Canna-curate brotha!


i feel really happy in your discord group and am waiting to be a guest on the next podcast by @jackdub

This is really great 🔥


yes, it is. Thank you so much. Seem you from Nigeria right?

Send me your mailing address on discord tecnosgirl#7681 and I will send you a promo magnet.


Thank you so much. Have done that