100 cannabis strains you must try before you die

2 months ago

Good day guys, after a tedious research about cannabis, I stumbled on an old site which talks and dig more about types of cannabis and it uses.
Varieties of developers and researchers joined hands together on developing a suitable list in an alphabetically other defining each cannabis stains with it type and reason why it made the list.!

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Note.Researchers confirmed that human can only get around trying maximum of 100 strains of cannabis in a life time.

Happy smoking and don't forget to leave a feedback in the comment section. Cheers

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I know that there’s consensus that people can only follow around 150-180 daily active producers on social before hitting overload level but I would love to hear why only 100 strains.

52 weeks/year, 1 strain/week. Even if some strains become a fav one regularly returns back to, the person wanting to test will easily hit 100 in 3-4 years only.

What I could imagine though is that “most regular users will not exceed 100 tested strains on average”. Just like many wine drinkers will never have drunk 100 different wines but stick with few known ones. Put in that context I can see that work. Put as a rather absolute statement I think it belongs in the fake news category.

I think in total I’ve spent around three years in the Netherlands and I definitely went through 30 strains in that time. While I had some preferred shops, I definitely didn’t even try all strains available in those shops. Since many more strains have also hit the market, there were no Girl Scout Cookies, no Sour Diesel, no Bubba Kush strains yet in those days.


the more this thing gets legal the more strains we will see, my thinking is that every country will have their favorite breeders aside the ones we know internationally.
Problem I see is that many of the strains that are getting popular are in many cases "clone only" strains, that´s why am getting worried when you start seeing seeds with the name of those strains, is not that you cannot get seeds from elite clones, is that without the backcrossing process with either mother or father you will not get a stable strain in seed form.


That’s only a die hard nerd problem. The general demographic doesn’t care that much about it.

Heck, people drink Beaujolais Nouveau and some of the Rioja, or rather plonk, you will see abroad should even not be allowed in a bottle. Yet, it sells and is popular too.

We, “specialists”, are not the common customer. We have issues which are not issues for most people. It was even a point in Eaze’s State of Cannabis for 2018, that most new popular products had “easy names”, descriptive of what the products had an impact on. Not strains names. Also, smoking flowers was a mostly male audience, but a smaller % than the year before already.

Markets will change, new “elite” markets will also form in that.

I can say 100 strains ina life time i am close if not over that 100 strains.

Sweet list but I don't know about only trying 100 strains in a lifetime. I'm sure some of the legal and medicinal state guys already have, @rawpride or @jackdub for example.

Who the hell are they researching? I’m sure I’ve hit over50 already.

I've maybe smoked 5% of those, prohibition sucks.

Red headed stranger ! great list....



Note.Researchers confirmed that human can only get around trying maximum of 100 strains of cannabis in a life time.
If thats true, I don't have too much time left with you guys 😰