Visiting the Görli – The Literal Berlin Black Market

4 months ago

Last week, I visited the Görlitzer Park (Berlin, Germany) to show you a small portion of the Berlin black market for cannabis. In this micro-documentation, you mainly hear me speaking about politics, corruption, and racism.


--Find the transcript below this post--

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One thing I state is this:

"Ask whoever you want in this park, they’ll tell you that the big boss behind it all is a white man who has never been arrested because no one ever searched for him."

This, of course, is the kind of exaggeration that paints a picture about power and the way it's perceived at the last stop of society. In Berlin, we have two usual suspects when it comes to any kind of black market. The Abou-Chaker-clan and another family which name I was suggested to not write down for you, both Arabian families with huge power over all Berlin. Whatever way it may be, the main conclusion of almost everyone I spoke to in this park, that it's one white man who holds all the power in this game, is not that much of a stretch from the actual situation. I haven't done a polarizing short cut like that in a long time, in this case, however, I felt the passion to tell it exactly like those guys feel it is.

None of them was willing to talk in front of a camera. But I changed numbers with some of them and will meet some of them again to help them start their blog. I would love to hear from their perspective and I am gonna go on annoying the crap out of them until their stories will be heard.

This clip is mentioned in my micro-documentary. "KIFFENDE BULLEN // SMOKING COPS" by Niksn.

"How peaceful would the world be
with smoking cops, smoking cops
Every day was so relaxed,
seen the world through red eyes
a blunt in the hand
let those fuckers run, man"


In this micro documentary I show you the Görlitzer Park of Berlin, usually referred to as the Görli. It is one of Berlin’s hotspots for the Cannabis black market and it perfectly shows the problem with illegality and how the concept is used against us, the people. Almost everybody you’ll see in this short clip is illegal by status. They don’t even need to sell drugs to get arrested. Those people are what we call illegal immigrants. And they never really had a fair chance.
See this sculpture? Two years ago, rapper niksn hang this huge joint there as promotion for his song “kiffende Bullen” (smoking cops) I link it in my article on
Most men, and there are only men, selling at Görli come from North, East or West Africa. Additionally, there’s a small group of men from Arabian countries. The reason they are here is simply that they want to work and need money to survive, they are however not allowed to work in Germany. Most of them are trapped and selling something that is highly demanded – Marihuana. And it doesn’t stop. Sometimes police arrests some of the small dealers and sends them back to their home countries. That’s all. And why is that? Clap your hands for corruption! Ask whoever you want in this park, they’ll tell you that the big boss behind it all is a white man who has never been arrested because no one ever searched for him. Of course.
… Can I paint it that black and white, thou? Yes, I can. It’s actually that simple. I am white. I steal from black people. A lot of the resources we burn each day in the western part of the world, are actually theirs. The cobalt, the gold, the diamonds, the oil, you name it, they have it, we steal it. and as soon as they come here, trying to have a taste of what should be theirs, we immediately put a spell on them in terms of laws and call THEM illegal. It’s ridiculously bias and yes, it is that simple.
What you see in this park, is a farce, a stage play. People are being entertained by regular razzias where white police men chase black refugees, pick a few and punish them for trying to have only a taste of what we got from stealing from them. Nobody is ever going to really do something against the black market itself, neither can it easily be made legal. First, we need to find a solution for this one white guy whose money would be taken away, if Cannabis became legal. You have to be curious about this guy. Who could this powerful white dude possibly be?

Content can be found on Dtube later on …

#politics #blackmarket #racism

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Görlitzer Park... Good to know for the next time I visit Berlin...


DUDE! When you come to Berlin, you hit me up and I take care of it …


Cool!! Berlin is on the list for quite some time. Been once with an organized party and it was a pretty mild experience but I'm sure we just visited wrong places. Few great memories are Hopf Reich or somehow similar, amazing small bar with craft beers, finding the link for coke, buying MD on the street and smoking my own weed at Alexander Platz... And the food was great...


You can buy anything on the streets but it’s better to make friends with locals like me. Otherwise you‘ll never know what you get. Craft beers are quite trendy currently, so yeah, too many bars, impossible to know them all … :D
We should work on a map! Where people can spot and meet locals wherever they’re at!

Excellent reporting @mayb.....maybe [:)] the word about will spread amongst them from those you bring on board and they can 'self-empower' to some extent, rising along with the price of smoke 🔆.

Also excellent connection made between 'stealing' with one hand and 'pushing' away with the other. Without the compassionate view there seems little movement towards taking responsibility for one's actions and vice versa.


Thanks a lot. I'm gonna meet one of them next thursday to set up the account if everything goes according to plan.


👍 🤞

This is so amazing ... sorry for mostly speechless comment, True weed nerd bucket list stuff :)


I am happy you like it. :)

I heard about that park. It's supposed to be full of BM sellers and near to impossible to not be able to score there. Always did want to visit that park. That big bad guy who is never searched for can probably not be arrested because he or she has contacts on the police, government, city council etc... you name it. I bet my ass that whatever gets taken probably returns to his possession one way or another. Resmoked.


If you should feel alone while being in Berlin this is definitely THE place to be. Almost everyone you cross nods their heads and say: 'Hey, how are you? Are you alright?' This is how it starts. If you don't know what's happening you may get the feeling of your personal 15 minutes of fame. :D
Yes, big boss & police most likely smoke together on their holidays …

I enjoyed your article. Hmm? Let me know if you find out who this white dude is:)

I am convinced that in Europe we are not legalizing yet is because our politicians are allowing their mates at the Pharma industry to get ready for it. That in itself is totally stupid, they should realize that the black market is probably one of the most developed industries in the world and it is with whom they will have to compete. Licenses should be available and easy to get if they really want to solve the problem,or wait, do they want to solve a health issue or make sure their friends get a lot of money so when politicians go back to civil life they have a nice job doing nothing and get paid a fortune? re-smoking it!!


Europe, where lobbying is officially outlawed but the open door policy of companies is that integrated that it has become more powerful than traditional lobbying.


since when is it outlawed? the EU parliament is the biggest lobby room on the planet, I was convinced they do nothing else.... lol


lol. Yes, unelected representatives secretly voting for laws nobody ever heard of … EU! EU! EU! Gotta' love it!


LOL, pretty much. That lobby room has a name too, it’s called... Brussels.

In Europe the problem is not lobbying in the same sense as in the US, in Europe it’s civil servants who work for companies after their term. Most positions even don’t require authorization or cooldown period.

Easiest path to well paid consultant gig at Google or a major fund? Become a civil servant of a major party. Then consult them on what think tanks to fund and what research to cover.

Wow, one of the better posts on Smoke recently! And your accent is just lovely!