WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part XV - The Black Panther

3 months ago

His weed use, WWE's strict policies, and fines were the reason why he left WWE in late 2010 to try his luck in "New Japan", maybe he just didn’t want to continue paying fines associated with using #Marijuana!

He hadn’t been in a WWE match since 2010 but he made his surprise return to WWE during Men’s Royal Rumble 2020, he popped up as the No. 12 entrant, where it was quickly eliminated by "Brock Lesnar".


He came in the ring wearing "Black Panther" gear, resembling King T’Challa from the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" and he wrestled also and lost against "Rey Mysterio".

Despite being 47, the former two-time United States Champion continues to remain active on the independent wrestling circuit, he worked 22 matches in 2019. So, why he returned to WWE? The wrestler revealed in his "Twitter Account" the real reason why he decided to return to Royal Rumble, he wrote:

People keep asking me about the "deal I signed" with WWE. I never signed a deal. I came back so that my son could see me wrestle in person and for him to see me wrestle his favorite wrestler.

Black Panther / Montel Vontavious Porter

His wrestling career got start through the help of a corrections officer in his prison while his wrestling debut in 2002 made him a star instantly after being trained by former "Soulman Alex G", he worked for many companies on the independent circuit, enjoying his recreational habits.

His wrestling skills showcased some true potential, he signed with WWE in 2005 and gained big time by getting the honor of living his dream for five years on "WWE TV", he won the United States title and Tag team titles, but he deserved better.

His fighting career never broke the glass ceiling, maybe because he openly admitted during a 2009 interview on "The Opie & Anthony Show", that he was a frequent #Pot smoker and WWE’s strict policies forced him to cut back a bit on his weed habit.

Anyway he mentioned "Cutting Back" but he never gave up fully, he was disappointed WWE didn't make a trip to Afghanistan on 2009 "A lot of pot is grown there" and it could’ve been one of the reasons why WWE was never used him to his full potential.

He went on to have stints in New Japan, Impact Wrestling, MLW and Ring of Honor and finnaly returned in early 2014 to "TNA", the wrestling organization that is a bit more lax when it comes to his #Cannabis habits.

He admitted that he very much enjoys marijuana, he has made reference to still smoking #Weed and TNA is more daring with their talents to get rid of smoking cannabis among others, so it should come as no surprise that it has not suffered any disadvantages since he joined TNA.


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