WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part XIII - Why Sunny Did Not Smoke Pot As Her Lovers!

8 months ago

She achieved great success as "Sunny" within WWE, she was born "Tamara Lynn Sytch" on 7 December 1972, she has been involved in the professional wrestling industry since 1995 when her boyfriend, "Chris Candido", started working for "Smoky Mountain Wrestling", she quickly became a superstar and was considered the first WWE Diva and one of the best professional wrestling manager.


However, "Sunny" was fired by WWE because of her addiction to painkillers, she did independent events and appeared in an adult films to gather money for the drugs, her addiction reached a peak in 2012 when she was arrested 5 times in a month's time, she was released the last time from jail in October 2018, she destroyed her career, during his WWE's years.

One of the most interesting things about WWE is legends all have a lot of stories to tell and are just waiting for their chance to share in something they refer to as a shoot. A shoot is when a superstar talks about real-life occurrences in his WWE career. Sunny hooked up with a lot of wrestlers and in her autobiography "A Star Shattered", she went into detail about her lovers, but as the list is big only 3 legends will be mention.

Dolph Ziggler

"Ziggler" paid her in pills since Sunny has a track record for accepting drugs for sex but as long as he has a reputation for being a ladies man, Sunny left him, the superstar was suspended in October 2008 for 30 days for a wellness policy violation after he was starting on WWE TV "I'm Dolph Ziggler" for #Marijuana and other substances.


Mr. WrestleMania

"Mr. WrestleMania" has never discussed anything about her but Sunny has never tried to hide the fact that she spent nine months involved with him. The excellent performer did every type of drug under the sun but when his wrestling career was effected, marijuana has been granted a second chance after drug and alcohol abuse, the reason why he continued to pump the #Weed into his system, while other at this time try to blame cannabis.



He confirmed what Sunny said but partially, he said she spent a lot of her time offering sexual favors in exchange for drugs. Many drugs have been used by Sabu, he saw his body fall apart with no enough money to warrant the negative effects but he proudly discusses #Cannabis.

"Sabu" was pulled over by police in Ohio on July 3, 2006, and was charged with drug paraphernalia and nine unidentifiable pills, it was only days earlier he found himself in a marquee match against "John Cena". He was not a pot user, like "Jake Strong" or "The Five Star Frog", he did not know more about the law and pot.


He was known for being the biggest potheads in the 90s, and he still smokes #Pot to this day with no regret, the uses of marijuana is more understood with a wrestler like him, while the amount of pain he has undergone in his career likely is the main reason he is such a huge supporter of marijuana.

So, Why Sunny Did Not Smoke Pot As Her Lovers, To Save Her Career !!!

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@Groot thinks your work is unique and very entertaining, and @Groot also thinks Sunny is Fire-Ass @Groot-OG!


@Groot is here to save the planet.... Thank you @Groot.

Nine unidentifiable pills !! some going.......

Fascinating characters/real stories again.....shame she had to sell herself for drugs ......: (