WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part X - Hitman's Nephew & Hash Dealing

2 months ago

If you read Hitman' book "My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling" , you will learn about the scary amount of pain medication taken by the more tortured wrestlers, and how certain superstars downing pills like candy in the wild sport, called wrestling.

"Teddy Hart" read his uncle's book "Bret Hart" and understood that the constant abuse bodies take in the ring and the intense road schedule has led many wrestlers to a pain pill popped, he found the weed is the healthiest way to go.

WWE still frowning heavily on #Weed, issuing fines and suspensions and instituting thorough testing on its superstars. Some of the wrestlers have seen their wrestling career slowed down due to the WWE’s posture on marijuana, like "Hitman's Nephew", others have received slaps on the wrist and continue to grow.

Hitman's Nephew

The Nephew Of Hitman / Teddy Hart

He is an canadian wrestler, he was born on the 2nd February 1980 in Canada, he started wrestling in his teens. Scion of the "Hart Wrestling Family", who spent time in the Mexican AAA promotion and gained notoriety in the WWF. His salary during his WWE' career and now is $1M / year as he continued his career after WWE, but he made more money from Weed & Cats' selling than in wrestling!


"The Nephew Of Hitman" acts and looks like a star, he’s an incredible wrestler. At 18, he was the youngest wrestler to sign a WWE contract in company history, "The Hitman" called him "The greatest wrestler"!

He was an unimaginable athlete, winning provincial awards in hockey, boxing and badminton. Classes in gymnastics and trampoline built his agility and balance, he was highly intelligent, once scoring 160 on an IQ test according to his dad.

While he has experimented many substances, he is only proud of his #Cannabis use, he claimed it helps keep him centered and relieves his stress, he said:

God has put me through some funny stuff, because he’s given me some unbelievable gifts. My luck has been tremendous, my health has been tremendous, never been injured wrestling in all these years, when all the guys said my career would be done the fastest of anyone who’s stepped in the ring because of the crazy stuff I do.

He was hyperactive and rambunctious, he was a bit wild, you couldn’t really tell him anything, he’d show up late for work, he’d go into business for himself. He traveled around with a giant white cat "Mr. Money" to wrestling shows while he sparks up a #Blunt.

"Mr. Money", the dad of many persian kittens, he did breed, was an emotional support animal that was licensed to him after psychiatric evaluation. He has made more income from Hash-Selling and Cat- Breeding than from the indie wrestling circuits.

Hitman's Nephew & Mr. Money

WWE hoped to yokes his talent in developmental but he would drop the ball every single time he was called upon. During his WWE's years, he went on the streets offering guys #Marijuana, he was working with a small cut and a fake gun then ended up going to jail for causing trouble, the reason why WWE extradited him and got him into a rehab.

His contract with WWE was terminated but he was happy then, he said later: "I had no life experience. I didn’t know if I wanted to get up at five in the morning for the next 20 years". Ending his contract was a big mistake, I hope it will be only a matter of time before wrestlers using #Pot won’t be facing fines, suspensions or extraditions.

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