WWE Raw & Cannabis Intake / Part IX - Marijuana / WWE's Career Saver

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"Wellness Violation Policy" wasn't in the early days, so many wrestlers were left to grapple with their vices. Many talented wrestlers like Mr. Perfect, Reid Flair, and others have died by drug abuse, while some of them did not accomplish what they deserved and their careers were ruined because of their addictions such as Lex Luger, Joey Mercury and Mr. Kennedy.

Another wrestlers over the years of the past generation, who used steroids during their WWE's career, sought treatment for their drug issues and turned to #Marijuana as a career saver, such as "The Badass" & "The Ichiban".

The Badass & The Ichiban

The Badass / Kevin Nash

"The Badass" got into all kinds of stuff in his prime years, and after years of hard drug abuse he saw how captivating and destructive the pain pill can be, the reason why he became a well-spoken guy about medicinal marijuana and it’s benefits for pro wrestlers. He said wrestlers should be all about the green, he gave a great interviews on the subject to express his belief that medicinal weed is the logical choice for pain-relief.

The Ichiban / Hulk Hogan

"The Ichiban" was feasibly the face of WWE in the 80s' boom period, his addiction to various kinds of drugs, like steroids did not disable him from reaching his full potential during his WWE's career, as he turned to weed route. "The Ultimate Warrior" claimed that "The Ichiban" after he stopped steroids use, he enjoyed weed every day with the belief of a day without pot is like a day without sunshine.

"The Ichiban" & "The Badass" were not vocal about their #Weed use, they smoked it on their off days and most likely they still enjoy it. After "Wellness Violation Policy" have been developed, a lot of WWE' superstar tested positive many times like "The Charismatic Enigma" and "The Spanky" for more than 12 Times.

The Charismatic Enigma & The Spanky

The Charismatic Enigma / Jeff Hardy

"The Charismatic Enigma" rose to fame during the "Attitude Era", and went onto win WWE Championship, but his addiction to drugs was always his scourge. He got in trouble manytimes with the "Wellness Policy", not for the weed habit that he started it later but for his excessive use of anabolic steroids, cocaine, his refusal to enter rehab.

He did not find the solution to his cocaine addiction, he came into "TNA Victory Road 2011" drugged up, completely out and intoxicated, his drug problems ruined his career. He did not use #Pot as safer alternative, he became clean later and started to enjoy the weed after his chance at becoming legend has long gone.

The Spanky / Brian Kendrick

"The Spanky" strongly believes that the aggressive testing for cannabis in the early '90s with high fines led many superstars to easing their pain with more drinking and pill popping, he smoked pot to do not developed major drug and alcohol problems.

His love of #Cannabis placed him under a microscope, he tested positive on weed more than twelve times since 2006 when the Wellness policy came into place. The cost of the fine was $1500, he was happy to pay as a sort of "Weed Tax". He never quit marijuana, he still in WWE and they keep fining him for testing positive for marijuana.

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