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With a nickname like "The Dragon", he undeniably lived at the top of the martial arts pyramid. So, when a powerhouse like him laid down at the age of 32 and never woke again, the world was stunned.

"The High Dragon" was born on Nov 27, 1940, in the hour of the dragon (6 a.m. - 8 a.m.) and in the year of the dragon. According to Chinese astrology, this is a powerful omen for a life that would greatly impact other people.

He was aggressive and he had a crazy temper, a short fuse. He needed to calm himself down all the time, so he used cannabis. Instead of having a beer, he had a little piece of #Hashish or smoked a little marijuana.

In the book "Tao of Bruce Lee", it says that Lee would arrive at a party and start passing out joints, but his personal favorite was eating hashish and brownies. He also chewed "Nepali Hashish" to helped his muscles to be more relaxed and fluid in his fighting.

At the time of his death the autopsy revealed lots of cannabis in his stomach, a true #Stoner to the end. Some people would like to argue that hashish was somehow the reason behind his untimely departure, trying to blame cannabis for this, but that had nothing to do with it.

As if the greatest martial artist of all time endulged in #Marijuana, then you must believe marijuana are completely safe, and it helps on many levels, it empties your mind in meditation, it helps you to express yourself phisically, and it frees limitations of your mind allowing you to try new forms and techniques.

(Mar 24, 1930 – Nov 7, 1980)

The Rise Of The Dragon / Bruce Lee

He was born "Lee Jun Fan" in the Chinatown area of San Francisco, California, to parents from Hong Kong, and was raised with his family in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The martial artist and martial arts instructor, was the founder of "Jeet Kune Do".

Lee grew up in Hong Kong. When he lost a street fight to a local gang in Hong Kong, he began studying "Wing Chun", a traditional form of Southern Chinese kung fu. Since there was so much violence in Hong Kong, his parents decided to send him back to the US to get an education. After living in San Francisco for a while, Lee moved to Seattle where he waited tables and taught martial arts.

In 1963, Lee opened two martial arts studios, and the next year, he gave a demonstration of his skills at the "International Karate Championships" in Long Beach, California. He demonstrated his now famous "One Inch Punch", a punch that stops an inch from the opponent's torso, followed by another punch that can propel an opponent backward several feet into the air.

One of the most in-depth Biographies on Lee makes the assertion that he wasn't just an entertainer; he was an evangelist. That's quite a testament to Bruce Lee's impact on other people and their decisions to embark upon a lifelong journey with martial arts.

Lee's final film "Enter the Dragon" went down in history as one of the most successful martial arts movies of all time. It seemed as though Bruce Lee could take down a fiery dragon if faced with one. Yet, he died on July 20, 1973. How could a man of enviable strength and skill just drop dead in his early thirties?


The Death Of The Dragon & The Reason Of Death

How Lee died seemed very mysterious to some. How could a man with superhuman strength and talent drop dead at such a young age? Some people said, an attack by the "Chinese Mafia", while the press learned that his death was due to the heavy #Weed usage.

But in those days they didn’t know a lot about the effects of marijuana, as a lot of people thought it maybe could be dangerous. Not a lot of studies had been done on the substance, while today we know better, we know that #Pot are completely safe, even legalized across some countries. So you can say Lee was ahead of his time in using this substance for relaxation, calming his nerves down, focus, etc.

During its filming, on May 10, 1973, Lee collapsed and was rushed to "Hong Kong Baptist Hospital". The doctors diagnosed him with "Cerebral Edema" / "Brain Swelling" due to excess fluid. They reduced the swelling by administering "Mannitol", a "Drug" known to decrease intracranial pressure, but this wasn't the last Lee would succumb to the treachery of cerebral edema.

On July 20, 1973, Lee met with producer "Raymond Chow" and then drove to actress "Betty Ting Pei"'s house to go over their scripts. After Lee complained of a headache, Ting gave him some "Equagesic", a "Pill" containing aspirin and a tranquilizer. Lee took the tablet, laid down for a nap, and never woke again.

Lee had a severe allergic reaction to the "Tranquilizer in Equagesic", causing his brain to swell. When you consider his May hospitalization, it all seemed to add up. This was my story about Bruce, and out of respect to Lee, a great human and Pot-Smoking Hero being, ( LEE - GALIZE - IT ) LEGALIZE IT !

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Great Post! 👍


They said: "Very Potent and Ethal Strain, named Nepali Hashish killed Bruce Lee" !!!

F**K them! The truth behind Bruce Lee's tragic death, was an allergic reaction to the "Tranquilizer in Equagesic", causing his brain to swell. The weed did not kill anyone and never will do !

Thanks for great and continued support / Have a great weekend.


Cheers, you too 👍

Thank you for this post! I didn't know Bruce was a toker! thanks to you.

I love the LEE - GALIZE - IT you are so creative! I wish i can think like you.