The First Cannabis Church In Romania

2 years ago

Most of us know about the first Church of Cannabis for a while. I read some articles from the American press about this subject. So I was pleasantly surprised when I accidentally got over the First Cannabis Church in Romania !


  • Below you can see, its Facebook Page / Where we can see that they quote a lot from the Bible / that has a community that's getting pretty serious when it comes to Cannabis.

  • They have not any connection with the Canadian Church, but they have established contacts with the Canadian Ministry of the United States to visit our Romanian soil when they have the legal recognition.

  • It is an internationally recognized right and it will be good for any society to have such a Temple that just wants the good, as should all religions.

Screenshot - 12_19_2018 , 10_21_25 AM.jpg

The First Cannabis Church In Romania

  • It is not recognized as a religion, the right to freedom of religious conscience they recognized. The first Cannabis Church is not a new religion by dogmatics, but is a supplement to existing religions, a reunion of all religions, as the Creator wanted.

  • It is a new religion only in the eyes of the authorities, because Romanian Church of Cannabis have only access to some laws given by authorities.

  • Basically, it's a signature that a human being, a citizen puts on a form stating that he renounces his old religion for it. It's just an act he's doing. Inside him the person believes in what he wants, he will continue to his prayer temple he wants.

"God is true! And he appeared in the Romanian realm urging me to do this temple, where all the sick Romanians have a cannabis plant and especially the healing oil (cannabis oil according to the Rick Simpson recipe), because all cannabis use is medicinal, not there is a recreational term. Everyone smokes for a purpose, has a depression and sees the plant well, has a pain, and sees that the plant improves it, it's all medicine and especially, as Mircea Eliade said, if there is any religious thought, meditation is complete, ie healing is much easier. "
The founder said; ( Translated from Romanian )


  • This religion, as a supplement, have rituals, because it is important to feel united by something we do differently to what we have learned from a classical religion, as long as we are close to the Creator.

  • It is a religious ritual / Check the video / of flowering plants, which even functioned. The plants of healing are all females, they also emit a beautiful fragrance that makes you feel closer to divinity through your religious thoughts towards healing. If you liked that religious ritual, see the Tent of the Encounter !


28 years of democracy, we have not yet understood that we have some rights, the right to choose, the right to serve our God, in which we believe, in our view, not as dictates some instincts that govern our faith legally.


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Reference / FB Page / The First Cannabis Church In Romania /

Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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I am going to leave the Church of Bacon to join this Church here in Canada. I’m serious.


Well Done !
You have the most wonderful International Church Of Cannabis in Denver.
I hope to visit it in near future!

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Wow... that is awesome,

I just sent your post link to their cc on facebook. She want to send me some of their scriptural post in English. Am so happy to see this established. Wish I can establish mine.


Great to hear this
They will provide you with all what you need


Yes. Thanks and smoke on.

Cannabis must to be legal in any country of the world and the people must to have the freedom to choose if they want to use or not cannabis.
Good post! Congratulations, @lordoftruth

Looks like a good church to me.

This is awesome! Purely awesome. :-)