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He got arrested immediately he graduated from high school and charged with possession of cocaine, he was again charged with possession and intention to sell drugs in 1990, he was a prime suspect in the death of Philip Woldemariam who was shot and killed by his bodyguard as he was driving.

He Pleaded Guilty to being in possession of a firearm and was fined $1000 in 1997 and got some community service and 3 year probation, he Got Acquitted from a $22 million damage fee case in 2009 after being accused of harassing a fan in 2005.

He was arrested in 2006 at the John Wayne Airport after the detectors found a collapsible police button with him, at Bob Hope Airport for a traffic infraction and Heathrow Airport by the British Airways.

He has been banned from entering several countries, Norway for testing positive to #Marijuana which is illegal there, Australia due to his criminal record and the UK after causing chaos and property destruction at Heathrow Airport.

The Godfather of Marijuana

He has made huge investments in marijuana, he co-founded Casa Verde Capital in 2015, which specializes in the ancillary part of #Cannabis business, he has raised over $45 million in Marijuana Investments, he has a never-ending strong passion for #Weed. He said :

It's timeless. There's something about that cannabis that brings the best out of whoever you are, if you tap into your spirit.

His name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. (Born October 20, 1971), known for his Illustrious Music Career, known for songs like "Doggystyle" & "Reincarnated", known professionally as Snoop Dogg. He is The Godfather of Marijuana, who shared how the Rap Scene Promoted Marijuana over other, harder drugs:

My mission was to get everybody hooked on chronic. We wanted to do something that was fly. And every time we seen somebody smoking weed in the 70s, they was fly as a motherfucker.


Grass is Greener / Netflix Weed Doc

In today's challenging times of disseminating real news from fake news, this #Documentary provides insight into how science can be ignored in the name of politics.

  • It invites you to watch it from the perspective of The Ones That Had Suffered it the most regarding consumption of marihuana.

  • It shows you Historic Facts that help the viewer to understand the problematic behind its demonization.

  • It does a great job of tracing the history of Our Perceptions of Weed through music, culture, etc.. Snoop says in Grass is Greener:

On the war on drugs, hip-hop has done a better job than the fucking government. Because how many hip-hop artists do you know that built record labels, gave opportunity, showed people how to make money other ways? Like, that's the war on drugs, not locking motherfuckers up and coming in the hood just harassing people and planting drugs on people and doing all the shit that they do.


Grass is Greener / Marijuana on Musical Movements

Grass is Greener is a jubilant celebration of what cannabis has inspired in black artistic movements since the 1930s, empowering music and art that will forever define American culture. Who better to speak to that than Snoop Dogg? In Grass is Greener.

He shares how he first came to cannabis, telling the story of his Very First Toke. Beyond his own personal experience, he speaks in documentary to the wider effect of Marijuana on Musical Movements, stretching all the way back to the Jazz Age.

Way back in the days of the Jazz era, they were speaking on the plant, because the plant was something that was a way of helping them find their groove, find their mind and find their mental, to create some of the most classic music that was ever written.


Grass is Greener / History of Marijuana Prohibition

Grass is Greener follows the history of marijuana in America, as the government resorted to increasingly drastic enforcement measures as a weapon for destroying black lives throughout the US.

Grass is Greener has a myriad of voices speak on the painful legacy of the drug war, even as predominantly white businesses begin profiting off a now quasi-legal marijuana market, built on black suffering.


The feature directorial debut of the legendary Fab 5 Freddy (Former MTV host Fred Brathwaite) dives deep into the glaring racial disparities in the growing cannabis market, and attempts to pair the long and painful History of Marijuana Prohibition in The US with the even longer history of its use and Cultural Propagation by Black Musicians.

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I just recently had to throw away one of my favorite socks. They had snoop dogs album Doggystyle printed on them.


Lucky you had two the same.


I did keep the second. Hahaha




My reaction when it teared.


Oh no way :( so sad. lololol

Snoop Dog is def a bad-ass dude! Great post, I enjoyed it!


The Bad-Ass dude, the Godfather of Marijuana, I love him, watch Grass is Greener, to see why ! Thanks for support, mate.

You always write very interesting articles....i so much love reading them and snoop Dog is my man always and forever. Why so much criminal record on Snoop?

probably one of the only rappers I can listen to and like all his stuff.. He's just so laid back. I like that