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By the ‘60s she’d been hearing about marijuana, she was interested in it because, at that point, it was not so common, it was the preserve of artists, intellectuals, and musicians.

She had been reading about cannabis and she always knew this was for her, but her problem was she didn’t know how to smoke, so she had to teach herself in preparation for the great day someone would offer her a joint and it happened!

It was the autumn of her first year of college, when a guy she was dating simply produced two joints one night, and she was thrilled. After she smoked her first joint or two in 1963, she started to smoke every day, sometimes more than once.

She has been lighting up for more than half a century, she’s never hidden her habit and in her "Marijuana Memoir - Just Say Yes", she came out to the entire world about her years of high adventures.

It’s extremely relaxing and there’s a mild euphoric feeling. If I took longer smoking breaks, it’d be more dramatic but like everything else, you get used to it. It smoothes out my edges—I’m more relaxed, goofier, probably lazier.


Catherine Hiller

The mother of three boys, the author in heart and soul, the filmmaker, and the daily cannabis user Catherine Hiller (born November 16, 1946), the best known for writing "Just Say Yes", began keeping diaries at the age of 10.

She has penned works of fiction such as "California Time", has a number of children’s books to her name and was the co-producer of the documentaries "Do Not Enter-The Visa War Against Ideas" and "Paul Bowles-The Complete Outsider".

Born in New York City, raised in Paris, attended "Hunter College High School" and "Sussex University", graduated from "Brooklyn College" snd had a PhD in English from "Brown University".

She leads a normal life and she always hopes to contribute to a re-examination of the ideas surrounding cannabis and eventually to a change in "Cannabis Legislation", and this was the theme of her 2015 book "Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir".

Her book was the first memoir about long-term #Cannabis use designed for a mainstream audience, that attracted national attention, being featured in the "New York Times", "Huffington Post", and "Marie Claire" magazine among other media outlets.

Joint A Day For Fifty Years !

Hiller & Weed

She is not a person who hides things and is pretty open about her life, she smoked with her kids when they were close to 18, she offered them a joint from time to time, because she believe It’s not a huge deal to have a drink with your parents, and smoking #Weed more or less like that, it was just sharing something pleasant with her three boys.

She loves to smoke a little before eating dinner to make the food taste and the best place she likes to smoke in is her kayak, but the main thing she does high besides kayaking is writing, she said:

For most of my books, I’ve started those writing sessions high. It really helps me start out well.

She had the same dealer who deals out of the same tiny, who was a colleague of her first husband and was been able to maintain his business for so long. She created a website called "Marijuana Memoir" and invited people to contribute #Marijuana stories.


Just Say Yes - A Marijuana Memoir / Catherine Hiller

On April 20, 2015 her memoir "Just Say Yes" was published by "Heliotrope Books", marketed as the first "Marijuana Memoir" for mainstream audiences, the book illuminated Hiller's habit of smoking cannabis nearly every day for fifty years.

Her #Canna-Culture book presents her narrative in reverse chronology, beginning in the present day and getting younger in each subsequent chapter. Her memoir, is a brilliant tell-all tale revolving around a previously untouched memoir subject.

Hiller’s cannabis-infused life makes for a fun read, but most importantly, she recounts with honesty her experiences with motherhood, marriage, friendship and her career. She has lived a full and successful life, uninterrupted by monthly visits to her dealer of 35 years and her daily joint, or more!

The memoir seeks to illustrate a normal life and the many controversies surrounding "Cannabis Use", including health concerns and smoking safety. She doesn’t ignore the "Illegality of Marijuana" and strongly condemns the amount of cannabis-related arrests and their prejudiced nature.

Her advocacy for marijuana legalization goes beyond a recreational desire, even though she avidly encourages smoking a joint after work instead of drinking a cocktail. Check It Out & Just Say Yes!

Hiller said: A lot of readers have contacted me and told me how grateful they are that I’ve come out, some of these people are younger than I am and may have jobs or political ambitions so they can’t come out. They’re really grateful for someone who can. They tell me I’m their hero.

Hiller Said Yes & Our Governments Must Say Yes To Cannabis!

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Her advocacy for marijuana legalization goes beyond a recreational desire, even though she avidly encourages smoking a joint after work instead of drinking a cocktail. Check It Out & Just Say Yes!

So interesting @lordoftruth
Just hoping for legalization in our place.