Interview With First Cannabis Church Of Romania

last year


Yesterday, I sent a PM to the official Facebook Page of Cannabis Church in Romania and I asked the following and I was pleasantly surprised as I got the answers after few hours !

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The First Cannabis Church In Romania

lordoftruth: What the scope of Cannabis Church ?
Cannabis Church: Romanians want to have a physical temple in which to consume Cannabis for their spiritual and medicinal needs, a place where they are protected from the injustice that is being done against the Cannabis plant, a place with an inventory of Cannabis plants and transparency to the authorities, members registered with a bulletin that receive monthly a quantity of the church harvest from which they are not allowed to obtain material benefits, that plant is only for their spiritual and physical healing. This is only possible through unity and access to laws.

lordoftruth: How many people do you think will join your cause and why ?
Cannabis Church: More than 80-120,000 Romanians will join, only consciousness of over 20,000 have been gathered online.

  • Romanians want such a temple in which they can consume Cannabis, can socialize with us, but not everyone can come and that is because not all can follow written rules, rules of internal conduct, in society.

  • It is not good to mock people, to go through brochure intersections, as other religions do, to consume Cannabis in public.

  • This temple will be protected from public eyes, will not have signs outside, we will not make public parades, we will not appear on television.

  • The Romanian society would suffer greatly, many consider the plant a drug and will never change their opinion regardless of what we say.

  • We must behave like a minority who wants a right, but to get it, it needs order and discipline, and especially transparency towards the authorities.


lordoftruth: What do you think about CBD oils ?
Cannabis Church: CBD oils are food supplements that cost a lot of money and mislead the sick cancer sufferers, Parkinson, epilepsy.

  • The CBD alone, without THC, can not do wonders. At the same time, these CBD oils that have emerged on the market are part of their mafia, let people see that Cannabis oil is not good for the body, because if a Cancer patient or Parkinson's takes only CBD oil, it will not heal, it will not relieve the symptoms, as does the oil containing THC.

  • THC is the one that destroys the cancer cells, that ingredient develops the consciousness needed for body healing.

  • Cannabis is a plant related to the body's natural system, the endocannabinoid system (ECS), basically we are linked by DNA to this plant.

  • For younger than 24 years, those who have not yet reached neuronal maturity, it is recommended not to give THC, because THC stops the brain's aging. Only in critically ill children such as cancer, leukemia would recommend THC.


lordoftruth: Did you have trouble with the law ?
Cannabis Church: The services know about this mission, we met, we talked, they told me not to do it and God appeared to them, they were convinced that everything was true. Actually, my relationship with them has ended abruptly. I do not even know who they were for so long, but somebody sent their spies for details and did not get a mandate from the judge for the invasion.

  • They still appear, disappear, do not follow every day, probably at one point they will try to enter the realm of the church, where the objects of religious worship are, will destroy them, that their work book asks them, so are they orders from Caesar.

  • If they do, they do it because they have not read the holy books, and they do not understand that there are people of another religion but of the same God. That day will come sometime and I am aware of it, but I do not abandon my human rights and do not neglect the truth of God's appearance for the construction of this temple and the healing of the nation.

  • All Cannabis churches have had problems with the authorities at some point, even in the US. Recently it was an event that turned out to be favorable for the church. Religious or philosophical beliefs are an important part of the identity of every human being.

  • Practically, the attack on these beliefs is equal to the attempt at the meaning of a man's life, because if man sees the meaning of life following certain supreme principles and rules, and this is forbidden or forbidden, man conflicts with his own system of values , which jeopardizes the balance in life.

28 years of democracy, we have not yet understood that we have some rights, the right to choose, the right to serve our God, in which we believe, in our view, not as dictates some instincts that govern our faith legally.


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Reference / FB Page / The First Cannabis Church In Romania /

Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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Beautiful! Well done my friend, tell them about I ll try too. We will have thousands of romanians here!


Thanks Mate
Be sure, that I will do, all what I can to bring new users to our loved smoke platform!

Great interview!

I would love to visit this church and blaze one with them.. They seem like they know a lot about the plant.

Did you send them the link for this interview so they can share it on their page and perhaps join us on


Yes, indeed they know a lot of the plant and this is the reason why I came up with another post few days ago about them :

Thanks for great support
Kindly be informed, the link was sent by pm to them and most likely will join us.
Wish you a nice and profitable day.


An invitation was sent, as I believe a lot will join us.
I am happy as I wait for thier Healing Book.

2 days ago when I read the post of @lordoftruth about "The First Cannabis Church In Romania" I thought that the priest is in jail ... but today, very very good news... the priest is still alive and free...
In Romania are approx. 900,000 drug users, many of them prefer marijuana. If the priest will promote SMOKE in his virtual church, our community will grow!
Nice interview, congratulations @lordoftruth!

This is a great news for cannabis user in Romania.

Nice job on your interview and smoke promotion... I didn't get the idea of the bible verse (Is 17:11) above

I can understand the need to create a church to hide from law. But I can't seem to not notice some statements that are not backed up by evidence. Like this one. It is missleading to claim something as a fact without having it backed up by evidence. This is not good for future development of cannabis medicine.

Nevertheless, good for Romanians! One more step closer.

THC is the one that destroys the cancer cells,...

So does the bleech. It is what and how they do it in petri dish and with how much toxicity on host.

No ongoing clinical trials of Cannabis as a treatment for cancer in humans were identified in a PubMed search. The only published trial of any cannabinoid in patients with cancer is a small pilot study of intratumoral injection of delta-9-THC in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, which demonstrated no significant clinical benefit.


  1. Guzmán M, Duarte MJ, Blázquez C, et al.: A pilot clinical study of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme. Br J Cancer 95 (2): 197-203, 2006. [PUBMED Abstract]
  2. Velasco G, Sánchez C, Guzmán M: Towards the use of cannabinoids as antitumour agents. Nat Rev Cancer 12 (6): 436-44, 2012. [PUBMED Abstract]