Imaginary Interview With Mr. Nug / World Governments & Marijuana Legalization

2 years ago


@lordoftruth: What you think is better to smoke Tobacco or #Marijuana?
Mr. Nug: To understand how dangerous tobacco is, make the next experience. Enter in a hot water jar the contents of a pack of hard cigarettes without filter - Plug or several chopped tobacco leaves. Leave them at soaked two days after that filter the contents by squeezing the leaves well into the juice and then the obtained warmth warm it gently to bain-marie to evaporate the water until the bottom. The jar remains a dense, brownish-like paste, rubbed with a little water. What did you obtained is pure nicotine. If you give a large dog 5-10 milligrams of this paste in the next two to three hours will die. So Tobacco might lead to your death but Marijuana #smoking doesn't kill anyone !

@lordoftruth: What you think about Marijuana legalization?
Mr. Nug: Legalization will reduce the consumption of heroin and ethnobotanics, which are very toxic, and Cannabis consumers will be able to receive information, support, counseling, to give up, if they wish. So the legalization means control and taxation. Do we legalize or let the lawful traffickers destroy lives while alternative Cannabis therapies save lives?

@lordoftruth: So why world governments don't leave #Cannabis plant free as God left us?
Mr. Nug: Taking into account the fact that new loved ones are sick of various diseases, including cancer, and soon we have no longer left with us in torment, terrible pains and especially unimpeded with their fate and soul, leaving behind unfinished things or grandchildren what they can not remember anymore. These things can be resolved simply and efficiently. That is one of the reasons, why pharmaceutical multinationals do not allow governors to legalize the Cannabis. It's cheap, it's efficient, it could grow everywhere and the healed people. Only one cancer patient in Romania costs the health system and indirectly for new employees between 1,800-3,600 Eur / month only the treatment, without counting other investigations and indirect analyzes, we are talking only about the applied treatment that does not yield long-term results.

@lordoftruth: Thank you.
Mr. #Nug: Remember, anything is too much, hurt, be it coca-cola, alcohol, tobacco, weed, or speed on the highway! But each of us is free to do what he wants with his life as long as he does not hurt others, if we add the fact that anyone wishing to use psychotropic substances will make it irrelevant whether it is legal or not!

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I think you’re going to love next month’s contest. :D


I love also your first contest but I did not join it for 3 reasons :

  • I do not want to let everyone know that I smoked black tea, 25 years ago as I have not no money to buy weed.

  • My hands do not help me to write when I want and you know why.

  • All the time, my posts was and will be behind 1% and 5% ball, the reason why I start to think that I have no talent !



Talent is like karma... it needs be trained.

The more you write the better you get. My earliest writings in English make you look like Shakespeare.

Besides... the contests or not necessarily about writing skills. We also want great “experiences”. It’s about the story.


I agree fully with you but sometime I think it is not necessary the writing skills, the quality or the efforts done in posting when I saw that behind the 10% and 15% ball something that do not blew my mind.


But people are free to use their stake how they want, right?

Write for yourself. The moment you start writing for a specific reward (goal) you set yourself up only for disappointment.


Yes, you are right. I wrote for myself and I know that what is a good content for me might be not good for others and in the same time everyone is free to use his power to upsmoke what he like. But when I see that X always upsmoked for anything he post, this make me sad!

But no problem at all, as I love Smoke and I will keep blogging and investing.

Soon when cannabis will be legalized all pat of the world then we all will be free to plant any where we feel like.

Tobacco might lead to your death but Marijuana #smoking doesn't kill anyone

Unarguably the best line I've seen in a while now, sad enough, many doesn't know!

Mr. Nug looks like me when I have no cigars left

I agree with mr. nug the problem of legalization is that it will affect the pharmaceutical industry also the tobacco and alcohol companies, many people would no longer be depressed, I guess that would prevent many suicides