Cannabis should be sold at Pharmacies, Why?

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Cannabis to some people might appear as a mind altering drug, I guess it's because the most common way of ingestion is through "smoking" and many people dislike smoking. But in truth cannabis has a whole lot of significant benefits to the human body (that is for those who use it responsibly). It's has several health benefits to us and I really think that for these reasons I'm about to state below, Marijuana should be legalized world-wide!

Benefits of Marijuana:

  • It can help control Epilepsy.
  • Cannabis can decrease anxiety as it is known to be calming.
  • Weed stimulates the appetite.
  • Cannabis heightens creativity in the brain ( this might not really be a heath benefit, but you have to admit; Creativity is essential ; ) )
  • Cannabis relieves pain, for example in people with cancer and arthritis.
  • It helps our metabolism and keeps you skinny.


There are few more benefits of marijuana but i feel I'd already made my point. Weed is helpful and therefore should be legalized in countries around the world, I have no doubt that cannabis will someday be seen for what it really is. A blessing from above given to us to make the world a better place :) .


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