CBD Information + News Reports - Thursday Seshjuan Podcast with Guest Tonight - January 3rd, 2019

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Thursday Seshjuan Podcast w/ @jackdub - 7-8PM EST

Tune-In to GHRO on the @canna-curate Discord to listen to the show live. I'll discus the top news reports of the week about cannabis legalization. Chat room participation is encouraged, we also have a guest on the show tonight.

Tonight we welcome @prettynicevideo from smoke.io onto the show. We'll chat about her video and GIF making process, cannabis uses, smoke methods, life, legalization, politics, and crypto.

@prettynicevideo on smoke.io

Legalization News Stories of the Week

"Legal marijuana is cutting into drug cartels’ profits" (FOX Business) According to this report, legal marijuana in the USA has ushered in a 70% drop in cross-border cannabis smuggling. They discus the possibility of decriminalizing all drugs. Portugal was one of the first, teen use has gone down. Elicit drug and violent deaths have gone down in the countries that have decriminalized all drugs. They also discus that the USA Fed has little choice but to eventually shift it's stance on legalizing marijuana.
"Cannabis Legalization on the Rise, CBD gets Federal Approval, and We're the Plug!" (Entrepreneur) The big breakthrough was the FDA approving a CBD mediation for preventing seizures.
" Idaho marijuana legalization advocates aim for 2020 ballot initiative" (KTVB) Idaho is surrounded by states that have some form of cannabis legalization. A demonstration points out the cruel and unusual punishments for cannabis, and the many other more dangerous items.
"Find out which states could legalize cannabis in 2019" (Circa News) Click bait title - this video gives no State names other than high hopes for Alaska, they discuss the general direction of legalization. Many more States, and US Fed will be having discussions about legalizing - committee hearings, votes. Banking issues are one of the large issues that need USA Fed attention - to open up for legal cannabis growers and dealers.
"Parents of son suffering from seizures hopes for medical cannabis legalization in 2019" (NewsChannel 5) Tenseness parents are hoping for medical marijuana legalization. The CBD oil alone isn't enough to control his seizures now that he is getting older - they want to try medical cannabis.
*Disclaimer: Be sure to know your Local Laws*

Last Week we had a chat about CBD

We had a surprise chat with @breezin and talked about CBD oil use for medical reasons. The THC in cannabis is the psychoactive component that gets you high. There are also CBD components in there that are very good for the body, and don't get you high, just relaxed. The well know Hemp plant is high in CBD, and has very low or no amount of THC. Note that the CBD in the cannabis plant isn't the only component with health benefits.

Seshjuan Podcast Recording December 27th, 2018 with @jackdub and surprise guest @breezin

CBD Benefits & Sourcing

The body naturally makes it's own form of CBD like oil, and has a full delivery system for it. The officials have only recently started studying the benefits of CBD oil, but it shows promise with treating anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, diabetes, digestion cancer, skin conditions, seizures, and withdraw from opioids and other medications. CBD is safe, no one has ever died or been seriously injured from the use of CBD oils Note: Seek proper medical advice, Be Sure you know your CBD oil source is authentic and top quality - or make your own if you can.

Source: Biohackers Lab: How Does CBD Oil Work? • Dr Philip Blair

CBD State of Legalization

A girl having seizures that went to court to use CBD oil was the breakthrough case that approved it at a state level in the USA. Other prescription rates went down in the states that CBD oil was legalized. CBD oil is currently Legal in 47 of the United States - still banned in Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Be sure you know your laws

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