The current state of UK medical Cannabis

last year

Source: UKCSC Tweet

Despite "legalizing" medical Cannabis in the UK last year, the UK medical scene has failed to significantly materialize.

It's just pure insanity that opiates are widely prescribed yet they claim that Cannabis has 'serious side effects which outweigh any benefits', despite "An initial review by chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies concluded there was evidence medicinal cannabis has therapeutic benefits."

I have a strong feeling that we are yet to rid the NHS of all opiate serial killers given the completely broken logic of over-prescribing opiates over any form of cannibinoids.

Crazier yet, epileptic children seeking cannabis based treatments have their names picked out of a hat, absolutely brutal to condemn the other children to continued seizures when there's hard evidence the medicine they seek is beneficial.

Those in the UK should seek to join and or support the following Cannabis organisations:

On a slight upside, Canopy Growth appears to be entering the UK medical scene, stating:

“There is significant real world and clinical evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of cannabis-based medicinal products. However, due to the current regulations and lack of education about medicinal cannabis among clinicians in the UK, there remain considerable obstacles to patient access," said Dr Mark Ware, chief medical officer at Canopy Growth. source

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The NHS is in a mess, confusion is the name of the game. The state of affairs allows reactionary views to be voiced by self-important 'guardians' of public morality whilst 'pro' views are given no space at all.

I suspect these 'reactionary' views are from a place of fear - fear of being cut out of the equation as the priests of 'Health and Wellbeing' (yeah rite!).

This trend, interestingly enough, is also seen in the banking sector, legal sector etc viz-a-viz the Blockchain, which has the inevitable potential to render them obsolete. We become our own bankers, enter into contracts as direct transactions between peers etc.

I work in a carehome (where Old Folk go to die). They are pumped full of chemicals, and then some more in order to offset the side-effects. Anti-depressants to dull them to the ache of captivity! Officially, there is not even a passing thought given to alternatives, like music, therapy/counseling, healing. Even at the end of life providing them with (shock horror) illegal drugs - or Natural Medicine is totally out of the fucking question. "They MUST be given what the doctor ORDERS, Herr Kommandant!"

Oh how the UK is trapped under the rubble of centuries of 'superior' thinking and old-fashioned fuddy-duddiness!

But CHANGE is inevitable, it is happening. They are shit scared of it and do not understand wtf is going on.



Yeah, I've heard of old folk being given fentanyl patches yet those administering them view cannabis as the worse option which is crazy..

I can´t understand why this is still not pushing thoroughly in the UK... It is still an issue for pain doctors probably because they are not properly educated over the benefits of cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain patients.

In Austria, medical cannabis is already legal since a decade and it is a business for the pharma industry there.. There is even a grower of a huge 3000 sqm plantation directly supported by the State right in Vienna to produce quality weeds and product like Dronabinol. Despite that it is a growing industry, the present government ( Conservative and Freedom Parties) though is trying to reverse the law of legalized medical cannabis. And that is probably too bad for the chronic pain patients. More and more dispensaries are closing down in the city because of the selling restrictions of max. 0.3 % THC in each buds sold. Even the CBDs are considered not to be sold freely anymore.

This is insane, maybe they should read this: "participants on that study strongly agree that cannabis was effective with less side effects and at a lower cost than mainstream health care options!"
Which brings me to the question...are the doctors of the NHS ignorant to cannabis benefits or they are just trying to protect their status quo regardings their friends in the medical industry.
Maybe with some luck you can find some doctors from the NHS that can prescribe or is that nation wide?


Are the doctors of the NHS ignorant to cannabis benefits? Looks like that's the case.

Are they just trying to protect their status quo regardings their friends in the medical industry?

No idea, but they over prescribe opiates, just like in the US.

Maybe with some luck you can find some doctors from the NHS that can prescribe or is that nation wide?

You can get it private, but it's crazy expensive

They are just scared because they will lose the fat check that they get for prescribing opiates. Money speaking , not the real facts. Is it that they are really confused or not aware of benefits of medical cannabis? Hell No!!! They just see a major side effect with Cannabis called “it doesn’t make much money”

Check this article:
The more opioids doctors prescribe, the more they get paid

For example , if you think about cancer , would doctors be interested in exploring
cure to cancer? No!!! Why? Because if there is a quick cure then the entire cancer treatment industry that puts patient in a life long treatment process like chemotherapy etc becomes just useless and they would lose out on continuous source of inflowing fund.

Similarly, they know if cannabis becomes mainstream then they would lose out on the fund they receive from opioids manufacturers. Quite sad , but that’s the truth!


It should be illegal for doctors to be paid outside of their NHS salary for prescribing opiates, that's fucked up if true.


It is. But it is circumvented with samples and more even with invitations to seminars which often include all expenses. Even that is outlawed but they find ways around that by holding the events in all incl. resorts.

The money is that big that they keep looking for the loophole in each law in order to build “brand loyalty”. Sometimes it may even include research funding, depending on how influential a doctor is. It’s a very messed up world. Big money.


It's disturbing because they took an oath to look after the health of their patients, not to poison them for their wallet's benefit :(

by the way @indica, Canopy Growth is the same thing as Big Pharma, they have bought Alcaliber in Spain, which was one of the main producers of opiates in the world, their main market was the USA, since opiates are not given so happily in the states and in view they were losing their business they applied for a medical/investigation license, which they obviously obtained....two weeks after getting their license they sold the majority iof the company to Canopy Growth, so yes, Canopy is also in the opiates bussines, that's how sick any big company involvement can be


It's bad that big pharma is jumping in, but it's not as bad as 'British Sugar' levels of corruption where they produce the worlds most medical cannabis yet the UK denies medicinal cannabis to their residents. If one bad guy has to join the party to get scientific evidence onto the table, then so be it.


I wasn't aware of that, something needs to be done, EU wise, maybe it is time to tell people to stop being stoned all days and start to actively force polititians to do what people wants, not sure how is the public opinion in the UK, here in Spain last one over 65% was cool with medical legalization, and over 50% with recreational


It's worth writing to your politicians, I've done it in the past to varying degrees of success.

Cannabis protects the brain after a stroke. Research from the University of Nottingham shows that marijuana can help protect the brain from damage from stroke, by reducing the size of the area affected by stroke.

This is not the only study that shows the neuroprotective effect of marijuana. Some studies show that these plants can help protect the brain after other traumatic events, such as concussions.

my ancestors used cannabis root boiled water for diabetes

This is disappointing but not surprising. It's still early, and now that it's legal in a G7 country like Canada much research will get the green light. If this research can demonstrate the benefits that we all know exist, it paves the way for professional medical associations to adopt new products into their prescribed treatments.

Professional associations are risk adverse, but good research will change their stance gradually.

Can't say I'm surprised with this logic. I was just reading an article about how opiates in America are killing more people than car accidents. Good to see there are no serious side to using these drugs for pain management!!!! The doctors on this list should be put in jail, bong on bro. :-(

The problem lies in what you once mentioned yourself. It's all about the money. Cannabis is a plant that if legalized worldwide could bring a lot of big shot pharmaceutical companies to their knees and shut down their drug productions and sales. They put more value on a piece of paper that I could use to wipe my ass then on the lives of the people who give them that money they love so much.


Patients should take priority over lining ones own pockets :(


It should, yes. But unfortunately that's not the kind of world we love in. 😔

They have posted it for other but for themselves, they will do completely opposite. Its just that you don't let everyone have good stuff, infact you keep it for yourself.
Despite this post by NHS, there are professionals who know the importance and benefits of cannabis but i guess NHS don't hire them. They only hire the people who say what they want them to say instead of what is right.


If you work for the NHS, or any state health service first thing they rteach you is to shut up and not contradict the governements policies......or you get fired


Crazy considering their lack of staff..

The whole European scene is ridiculous, the European Parliament is nothing else but a business shop where lobbies and groups of pressure buy politicians favors, for fuck sake the Socialist party in Spain has the majority of ex-ministers and political charges working for the big pharma once they give up politics, it is disgusting but you know what? we get what we deserve, we are allowing this to happen, the majority of European citizens do nothing but look after their own belly, the number of rights we have lost in the past two decades am sure is making our ancestors sick in their graves....they fought for so many things we have allowed to be taken off.

It is time for civil disobedience, don't expect that bunch of useless cowards to do something for us


Hopefully Europe will legalize medicinal/recreational Cannabis EU wide before the UK is able to leave 😂


The legalization is taking a lot of time for politicians to decide...and I am afraid that European member states are waiting for someone to make the first move... Although, if they really want to do it, they could do the legalization now... But, of course, if ever Brexit is getting through and it is a hard one then the UK could legalize the recreational cannabis as well just like Canada. But, but.... there would be a lot of lobbying that should be done during the process!


I can see the UK legalizing before anyone in Europe, with or without Brexit, am serious, and I can see the UK getting their weed from Canada(as Germany is doing right now)while in Spain, that has the weather and knowledge to do it will still Ilegal. that stupid Spanish politicians are


LOL! :-))


They came very close recently, like 45% voted to legalize recreational, which is gutting it didn't pass, but it's not far off..


Are these the neo-Fascist types you are talking about?

Is This You?

Think conservatively
and soon you will be,
speaking falsely,
bearing false testimony,
laden with psychopathy,
moral entropy,
asset monopoly-
nuclear belligerency.

The least visionary
without nobility,
can’t think intelligently
only narcissistically,
licensed to print currency
bullying financially
causing world instability,
dystopic slavery-
preplanned poverty,

Kind hypocritically
living in luxury,
labeled neo-Nazi
killing democracy,
suicidal “planetarily”-
a tory dead spiritually.

Glenn - March 2018

Side effects = freedom from pain and anxiety-positive outlook-and laughing at the funny things in life again... be careful ... sounds really dangerous !!

What!!!!! See anyone posting that I would realize not to go to. Not because they don't want to prescribe it, but they are passing , misinformation... Like WTF.


It's a sorry state of affairs, but education, evidence and science will prevail in the end!

It’s utter insanity.

Makes you wonder how much of that is truly NHS “professional advice” based and how much of it conservative Tories doing what they do best... mess things up for the people.

Hopefully a post-Hunt NHS can recover and fix a majority of its issues.

So sad to hear, that some of them picked out of the hat! Those epileptic children are victims as there are significant evidence suggesting that medical marijuana is the only way to say Goodbye to to this kind of Mental Illness. So bad, let us hope NHS will solve this problem as anyone from us can his child be one of those victims !

What a shame, UK is one of the largest cannabis producers in Europe if not the biggest. If Canada legalized both medicinal and recreational, then why should UK deprive it's own people?




Britain is the world’s largest producer of legal cannabis, a new report from the United Nations has revealed. Ninety-five tonnes of marijuana was produced in the UK in 2016 for medicinal and scientific use, accounting for 44.9 percent of the world total, its International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) found.
The UK is also the largest exporter of the drug, with 2.1 tonnes exported in 2016 – roughly 70 per cent of the world’s total, the report stated


The Reverend Maelstrohm Black.jpg


Legalization, the more I observe it unfolding in Canada, where I am located, IS A FUCKING HOT MESS, rather a HOT POTATO that NO ONE but the goddamn LP's, unscrupulous in majority, selling moldy shit to the masses, especially to the medical users, as THEY CANNOT LEGALLY BUY form any other outlets than those recommended by the fucking governent... To ADD INSULT to INJURY, it is ILLEGAL to grow your own weed in QUEBEC, as these fuckers do not even respect the goddamn FEDERAL GUIDELINES, instead trying to raise the goddamn bar HIGHER and make weed a 21+ affair... FUCK THE FUCKING FUCKERS! as you can see, I AM PISSED, as I wasted 2 hours and $10 bucks in transit, only to hit my nose on A LOCKED DOOR today, at the Societe Quebecoise Du Cannabis... Goddamn effing bullshit... AND I DONT HAVE ENOUGH CRYPTO SAVED YET so I CANT GET the $150 grab bag I usually would get from

I NEED WEEEEEEEEEEEED, I dont even have goddamn roaches around so I AM JONESING HARD!

Fucking legalization = CONTROL and NOT OURS, GOVERNMENT CONTROL!!!


DO NOT LEGALIZE IT, you will end up smoking SHIT buds or paying a FORTUNE for good strains...

Love is the Law, love under will,
The Reverend Maelstrohm Black,
But you can call me Rev... ;)



DO NOT LEGALIZE IT, you will end up smoking SHIT buds or paying a FORTUNE for good strains...

I'd rather legalize it so that I don't get stabbed by a dealer or shot by the police, vote with your money and simply don't buy from mouldy weed peddlers.


Still, decriminalization leads to less government control, higher quality from fairplay and natural competition between the different wholesalers and / or retailers, which leads instead to a HEALTHY FREE MARKET!.. Offer and demand would do the rest and the customer would be on the winning end of this deal. They still could impose some kind of quality control, like any producer of any craft beer of locally produced specialty food has to adhere to strict quality standards, in order to be allowed into the business field of play...


Still, decriminalization leads to less government control, higher quality from fairplay and natural competition between the different wholesalers and / or retailers, which leads instead to a HEALTHY FREE MARKET!

Decriminalization is nearing legalization, the ones in uniform may just free/warn the ones caught with petty offenses. There are still black sheeps in the business, even if you say for instance that your products are organic but they are not, it is still the consumers who will suffer in the end. Consumer wise, you really can not tell which of the end products are produced under fairplay. Would you know if the quality retailers sell their products 100% natural? Pharmaceuticals have a way to produce their products to reduce COGS (cost of goods sold), you may not even know whether they are using synthetic ingredients.... would consumer know that?

clinical staff will not be recommending or prescribing medical marihuana for chronic pain patients.
So basically "It's legal but... not for you". Ha!? Just laughable!

It's a complete joke, but not a funny one :(


Of course it isn't funny, the degree of retardedness is at like Flat Earth level...

They are not yet ready for this. They need to raise their standard to understand the cannabis benefits. I strongly believe that most of them would be using it in their daily life but at the institution level they are opposing it because that is the policy.

BTW smoked, re-smoked and re-re-re-smoked...


Thanks 👍

Here it is freedom and justice. First prohibit, then legalize. This is the meaning of power, control and control people, determine what they need and can do.
But what exactly are drugs? In essence, drugs are the twin brothers of substances that our body regards as its own, as relatives. But what is dangerous in drugs then why is everyone so afraid of them? The fact is that our body produces similar substances in very small quantities and a significant moment when the situation and the causes are really located or contributing to it. This kind of reinforcement is a success.
When a person takes drugs, he gets the same result, but at the moment when he needs it. And secondly, the dose always exceeds the dose to which our body is adapted, otherwise there will be no effect. There is always a lot of drug, which is why it is a drug to make our lives better, though not for long and with consequences. As you know, if something arrives, it means somewhere decreases.
Food is also a drug, so we are addicted.
All is well that in moderation. Main control.

nice smoked




what a bunch of thieves

Namaste Inc seems to be trying to enter the UK medical scene, but they're not provided an update since late October 2018. Q1 2019 is here, what's up?

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