Anyone been watching the DEFCON 26 Cannabis Village talks?

8 days ago

DEFCON 26 Cannabis Village

Back in December 2018 DEFCON 26 was held in Las Vegas & it included many talks on Cannabis, I've been watching several of them and thought the following were the most interesting thus far.

Michael Hiller - The Ongoing Federal Lawsuit Against Jeff Sessions

Cannabis could soon leave schedule 1 due to an ongoing lawsuit against Jeff Sessions by HillerPC.

Kevin Chen - THC Producing Genetically Modified Yeast

Imagine getting a sachet of yeast that produces THC instead of alcohol? Concentrates may become very cheap in the future.

Entire playlist

Check them out, most of them are quite geeky but there's a wide variety of topics covered this year, does anyone know of similar conference presentations?

Declined payout?

I've declined the payout because I didn't attend nor did I create any of the content. I'm interested in hearing which video you chose to watch though, and any comments related to the material, comment rewards aren't disabled 👌

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Does anyone know of similar conference presentations?

New West Summit 2018 Cannabis

From what I read on hillerpc is just a matter of 'classifying'.

shedule I drug
shedule II drug

It is still good cannabis is not in the same category with heroin.

Maybe it's all about the money here, I don't think something will change :D

Thanks for putting me to read, really interesting!

Unfortunately can't watch the videos now, or spend more time on smoke because my girlfriend want me to watch Aquaman 😐

I started the second video, clicked exactly at 16.20, and the fire alarm goes off in the video. Lol. But i love the idea of using THC to help cure diseases, and I simply can't come up with an argument strong enough why we shouldn't use it, but I guess we need more research. The side effects of anti-depressant can be much much worse than THC for example. I think in 5-10 years we will see a lot of opportunity to buy THC concentrate.


I simply can't come up with an argument strong enough why we shouldn't use it, but I guess we need more research.

I think we've got sufficient evidence to legalize recreationally worldwide.


I think in 5-10 years we will see a lot of opportunity to buy THC concentrate.

If the THC yeast works out, I think we'll see a massive explosion of THC beverages, so here's hoping their research pans out 👍👨‍🔬


Crossing fingers :)


I started the second video, clicked exactly at 16.20, and the fire alarm goes off in the video. Lol.

Yeah haha, it goes off for like 3 mins, and later they announce over the speakers that it was a false alarm.. probably some mad script kiddie messing with their systems - it was a hacking conference after all haha!

I watched the Kevin Chen - THC Producing Genetically Modified Yeast video...I think the best part with this is it honestly could be good for producing a mass amount of thc/cbd, as he states in the video it takes a lot more energy to grow.

Classifying cannabis as a drug schedule 1 was certainly a joke...the positive benefits are way higher than the negative and even the negative come from uninformed use or from the fact that in many countries its not legalized and so its considered a crime and most people don't even bother to get informed by the benefits and just think "oh, to smoke cannabis is a crime, so it must be because its really bad" and it really pisses me off...
About events, in Europe will be held this one and here you can get a list of them. In youtube you can read many cannabis conferences 💚


Putting Cannabis in Schedule 1 is by far one of the biggest jokes. But there are not only jokes on Cannabis, the whole system is full of jokes.
The deeper you dive, the more shit gets to surface.


Thankfully we're getting close to putting this bad joke away for good

Its good to see some serious struggle taking place for the legalization of cannabis. And good to know that it already is being allowed under some legal umbrella in around 30 states of USA. That is really very promising and listening to Michael Hiller, he seems very confident about the future of cannabis.
With the efforts of these people and many other who are off media, If things work out well then this could be the biggest industry we are dealing with. Just the legal issues are the only thing stopping it.

Fell inlove with the Kevin Chen's video, very educating/intresting shit. I think i should really make out time to watch the full clip of DEFCON talks. Amazing stuff, 'cannabis' really making waves

Hi @Indica! I watched "Michael Hiller - The Ongoing Federal Lawsuit Against Jeff Sessions." I watched until about the 19 minute mark because it is really quite upsetting for me. People (with the so called power in congress) are fully aware of the benefits of cannabis and yet victims are not only suffering but dying. I don't know how they sleep at night. In addition, I already knew about 75% of the information already. It should have been my major (in college) - lol. I got most of the info from watching the documentary called "Grass" narrated by Woody Harrelson. I have been doing periodic posts about it for a couple months now.

Anyways, I'll finish watching your video when I'm ready. It just really makes me angry.

Here is something that I am not sure if you have seen or not. It was briefly mentioned in your video. It is a clip of the actual marijuana that people have been receiving in the mail FROM THE GOVERNMENT for decades. I first saw it a couple years ago. Take care!! ❤


Governments are an evil institution, a cancer on humanity. Bong on.


Some are getting better though, cannibinoids shall change the world 👌

The vid of Kevin Chen is a very interesting stuff,.... having to choose enzymes to make the CBD and THC concentrates thru yeast in thousands of liters... and there is product diversity especially benefiting epilepsy patients and others that have depression. One does not even have to grow cannabis, just get the yeast concentrate. Probably no more anti depressants that cause side effects. Hopefully, it works out as mass production.

I watched the first Michael hiller one. Slept on the second one. Going to rewatch the second and third now. I haven't heard of or come across any of these conferences actually. Thanks for this. I love how he destroys the nixon administration. Much deserved :p schedule one drug? More than being hypocrites they turned out to be stupid in life. Claiming to not have medical benefits while patenting the medical benefits is stupidity of the highest order :D

Genetically modified anything sounfs like monsanto. No thank you. Lol


Monsanto has diversified products, not only those chemicals and pesticides for agrarian use... it also produced in other areas items such as armored car glass and windshields , etc. Genetically modified cells are everywhere in the States, but the US government has no prohibition on GMO products of certain crops. I managed their Vienna office some years back and I knew one of the guys in the R&D developing biotech seeds that later were introduced in the market. So in the end, Monsanto might have tampered the cells genetically, but it is in the end those government in contact with the Monsanto which should get the blame.... i.e. it was not the will of the company to produce agent orange but the US military insisted for it!


understood but using or buying any other products that may be all good and dandy helps them continue funding the real crap they turn around a mess everyone over with. I will not support that company. They ruined this country and are trying to ruin others and they will ruin our pot supply if we let them in.


Yeah, I'm not going to be the first one to try that yeast weed, give it a few years to work out the bugs first.. 😂


Anything genetically modified is prohibited in the EU. But perhaps there would be a solution to yeast weed most especially if it cures the sick which will benefit the patients. As CBD yeast are produced, that thing with growing is passé for those who want to grow privately.

Hey Indica thanks for posting this, is this Defcon as in Defcon the hacking conference?


Yes, in Las Vegas


Nice I have a few friends who went.


You should invite them to the smoke network 👌

Start with Hemp / CBD.... get that legalized to cure many illnesses.... then people see that you need a little THC to activate the CBD then they legalize Cannabis with THC.... it’s how it’s done. Medical 1st. Exactly how Canada did it .


Hemp is federally legal in the US now, no? Thought I'd heard that recently. But yeah, medical first at least gets the needy their medicine and slowly legitimate education prevails over brainwashing.

Interesting, THC yeast... Wow but im sure monsanto or simillar company is going to own patents and all and make new money making scheme out of it... Also i would not agree that the thc from plant and yeast would be the same. We have food chains and natural cycles for a reason, not to try cheat on them. And GMOs are a big nono in my house.


Depends, this small biotech company might get the patent first if that's a possibility, opens them up to being bought by big pharma, but here's hoping they stay small...ish

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No, I'm living under prohibition conditions, hopefully medical will be legal in the future but its still years away.

CannaTech have some of their videos on their site. If you’re quick you can still catch the next event at Davos.

So far no talk by Dr. Reggie Gaudino planned for this year yet tho. :(

They have more videos on their YT channel

That Michael Hiller dude is official. Im gonna follow up on him he seems like he knows alot about the law side of things. I was tripping i didnt know certain roads are state roads and certain roads are federal roads! I can't believe the US Govt has a patent on cannabis! Wow!


Yeah what a legend, he may actually succeed given the logical arguments he's making

I watched the second video as well. Making cannabinoids from yeast. I never heard of such a thing. Then the alarm, what an annoyance. With it being DefCON, wonder if it was someone showing how cool they were. The ol' watch this.

Would yeast produced THC be GMO?

Goodluck to the first tester of the yeast weed but i think, this finds can improve those who have health concerns in the future. Mr. Chen has bright ideas on the formula well engineered!

Sounds good I will have to check it out, I like the sound of "getting a sachet of yeast that produces THC" that would be amazing. Thanks @indica, bong on bro. :-)


well i didn't know about the defcon just watching the YouTube video - there is more to this cannabis plant than we can imagine and that's why on a daily its usage grow and more countries are legalizing it.

does anyone know of similar conference presentations?

Not sure for now


The defcon presentations are a great watch, there's more content than free time 😂

This looks like a really interesting conference. Unfortunately I watch videos where I'm now but I'll watch it when I get home. I'm interested in whz is cannabis still a schedule 1 drug in America when half of the USA have it legalized and even the UN put it on schedule 2 a few decades ago.


Crazy, eh? Lobbying aka legalised bribery has had to be a major component in keeping it in this schedule state :(

I have never heard of this but I definitely want to check out the yeast thc video.


The guy is pretty young, they got $10m investment recently to do this, it'll be a major game changer if/when they succeed

Some facts about Cannabis and Goverment:

  1. Every Cannabis use is a medical use.
  2. It is one of the best studied substances we have.
  3. It is one of the best biocompatible substances we have.
  4. It is one of the best medicine for a lot of diseases.
  5. Hemp is a threat to plastic fiber, alcohol, tobacco and pills industries.
  6. Hemp can be grown by everyone.
  7. Government likes to control and suppress people.
  8. Goverment doesn't like people, which have critical thinking.

This summaries the whole struggle behind cannabis legalization. Thank you!


Goverment doesn't like people, which have critical thinking.

I like this word, so true. 💯

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I'm very interested in yeast that makes beer with THC instead of alcohol

weed is much better than alcohol! thanks a lot @indica for your support!


Yeah no joke, plus think of how ridiculously stealthy a thc home brew would be? No excessive heat nor smell, flush the excess down the toilet, haha!


INDICA, I can never change weed for alcohol in any quantity, because I live in a country where weed isn't legal and for this reason I do not want to change one gram of marijuana for 100 bottles of beer (this is just an example), because when a person buys weed in a country where weed isn't legal... this person has a lot of risks!


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Did so before reading this comment


Why thank you, Sir.



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