Why Marijuana should be legalised worldwide

4 months ago

Cannabis also known as Marijuana is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant used primarily for medical or recreational purposes. Marijuana legalization refers to the practice of allowing and regulating the production, possession, distribution and sale of cannabis in a geographical area by the government. It is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world. Many countries have legalized cannabis in recent times either for medicinal or recreational use or both but under certain conditions.

Marijuana is used to treat, depression,alleviate some medical ailments like insomnia(inability to sleep), glaucoma, tetanus, chronic pain, epilepsy, loss of appetite, improve metabolism, reduces anxiety, slows the spread of cancer to other part of the body. Studies have shown that the use of Marijuana improves the health and well being of HIV/AIDS patients as well as cancer. According to the research conducted by American Alliance for Medical Cannabis(AAMC) has linked cannabis to stabilise blood sugar level, and improve blood circulation.

legalisation of marijuana will boost the economy of the nation. If truth be told, there are a lot of stoners, dealers and peddlers out there. So if the government legalise marijuana, suppliers and consumers activities will be regulated. Furthermore, it will create a taxable economy and the government will earn a huge amount of revenue.
In the aspect of job creation, Marijuana legalisation for recreational and medicinal purposes will create jobs in the industry. Legit jobs can be created which will reduce the unemployment rate of the society. Jobs like planting/growing it, harvesting, packaging and selling will be made available and people can earn a living.
According to a report from Drug Policy Alliance, the number of direct jobs created from Cannabis industry in Colorado, Oregon and Washington exceeds 100,000. based on this fact! Its obvious that regulated Marijuana market will grow the economy and create thousands of job.
Furthermore, taxes collected are used for funding projects and programs. According to Drug Policy Alliance report in 2017, the state of Washington collected nearly $100m while Oregon collected nearly $20m, Nevada collected over $13m in taxes and Alaska over $1m. You can see clearly that if Marijuana is not regulated in these states, the money will diverted into the hands of street peddlers, dealers and dangerous drug cartels.

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Hemp too, not just recreational/medical marijuana


That's true..all the same the plant should be legalised not criminalised especially in this part of the world wey mi come from. Bigup 2all of dem stoners!