Tom Yum Goong lands Brit in Hot Soup

2 years ago

This just in from Thailand. As well stated in the article, although medical use laws have been passed, one must still take care over recreational use.


image: Khaosod English

How come he has such a huge smile on his face? Is it the soup or just that he got off with a slap on the wrist by allowing himself to be made an example of?

The article just kind of says he made the popular spicy soup 'Tom Yum' with weed and got high off it, which was supplied by a Thai friend following which the local bobby saw him acting suspiciously (happy?) and arrested him.

Easy's opinion: Cannabis is widespread on tropical holiday islands such as Koh Samui where this occurred. How the local policeman got wind of what was going on and decided to drug test him? Would have to ask if only the Thai friend supplying knew about it ... then really it all becomes a question of what the heck is actually going on here

That grin ...

Read the full story here

Keep calm and legalize it ...

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Other drugs, they are involved for benefits.!! Weed, mushroom Is a bad thing!! They closed their,eyes...Thai people! ☺🤗


I hope it will change for Thailand before long :]

was still stoned lol

I like his confidence. The big smile, like a boss.

It should be made recreationally legal in Thailand, I'll probably never go there because of their draconian laws. As dangerous for me as going to Dubai, lol


Let’s see, maybe another year to go for recreational laws to kick in! Would be great for tourism ... come and kick back on a tropical island with the best Thai stick ... one day it will return to normality it was 15-20 years ago....