Legally regulate cannabis for science and medicine - to protect the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens.

last year

Today I stumbled upon another #appeal of the citizens of Ukraine to the government with the requirement to reconcile legislation regarding the treatment of CBD-containing drugs for medical and scientific purposes.
This is certainly not the #legalization of marijuana, but already quite a significant step in this direction.
Of course, I supported this initiative as I understand all the advantages of these innovations!

I want to note that the petition has already collected nearly half of the required 25,000 votes and has every chance of being heard and accepted.

Support this appeal by registering on the website of the Supreme Council of Ukraine

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Do they still have CBD illegal?


Yes bro!
we still have very backward legislation and developed corruption in police and government((
Thank you for support;)


Every country has it, but to keep cbd illegal in 21st century is mental.


I 100% agree with you!