Growing recreational pot at home might not be allowed after all under Illinois legalization

3 months ago


Just more than a week after introducing a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois, sponsors have begun retooling the measure to appease critics.

In one of the most fundamental changes, sponsors say it is likely they will eliminate a provision to let all adult state residents grow up to five plants at home.,amp.html
Fight this if you are in Illinois! Once entrenched, corporate cannabis will never allow you to #growyourown

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I am in a state where it is illegal. This is my advice to those who want to grow. Do a small grow don't tell anyone you are doing it. Unjust laws should not be followed. If you don't tell no one noone can snitch and you stick to under 6 plants your utilities won't go up much if you use LED's yes production is smaller but you can repeat it and have enough till your next harvest.

BS money grab ... People can grow their own food at home (geez most places i think), grow their own tobacco at home, brew their own beer at home, they call it freedom.

Government wants to control all Cannabis and profits... it’s a Ponzi scheme.


no joke, eh? It's pretty messed up.

Five bushes is good.


Yes it would be, but it sounds like they aren’t going to be letting people grow their own at all.



I say grow anyway.

No legalization without home grows!

That sucks.... I know med patients can't grow either which I think is bs