Legal Weed in Canada

9 months ago

Legal Weed in Canada

I still can't believe it's legal.
A dispensary opened near the Walmart next to Tim Hortons.

It was pretty convenient, in and out in 5 minutes.

Tweed - Bakerstreet


1 Gram - $10.00


Smells good


Breaks up okay, not too dry and powdery


Got two nice joints out of it


$10 a gram, two big joints.

Wasn't as bad as I expected, tastes pretty nice actually.

BS pricing scheme though, $10 a gram straight up even if I buy an ounce.

No wonder all the dealers and underground delivery services are flourishing. They will
continue to out-compete the legal market until the government gets with the program.

They may have screwed up legalization in Canada,
but at least it's a start, it's officially "Legal" now.

I can go burn one in the designated smoking area legally.

But if you want more than just a gram or a pre-roll,
support your local dealer, or delivery service.

Don't smoke that SNC Lavalin stuff.
"Because it's 2019"

In Canada if you are 19 years of age and older you can
legally grow up to 4 plants for personal use per residence

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Sorry, eh


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