Which Country will be Next to go Full Legal on Cannabis?

6 months ago

With all this momentum building around the world to legalize medicinal cannabis, I was thinking today about Which Country do you think will be next one to go Full Legal on Cannabis?

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With the precedent set by the awesome Canadians, I think this will put a lot of pressure on other leaders around the world to follow their lead. when everyone realizes that all the Canadians haven't turned into zombies like the bullshit propaganda that's been rammed down our throats for decades said they would.

I have been reading all the latest updates from around the world by the awesome @kiefpreston, if you haven't been to his blog yet, do yourself a favour and go and check it out. I think I would take a guess that it might be Mexico who will be the next country to go full legal.


What do you think, I would like to hear your opinion on this, if you have one, and thanks for stopping by for a chat.
Bong On Bro. :-)
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