What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

2 months ago

There are two species of cannabis, one of them does not contain THC...

Well, obviously, for you in here the difference is very obvious, but in the places that have no idea about cannabis or that were recently legalized for CBD the majority of the people think this is the same thing.

You can imagine me going to buy the hemp tea or chocolates in the local shops... Yes I attract more than one elevated eyebrow. I am lucky that looks can't kill... yet. Explaining what is it for really doesn't help my case, nor there is a point explaining anything. Some people still think that powdered sugar is a cocaine.

This is an image that will explain all the things that the hemp is used for, and as you can see the list of products and uses is pretty long. Maybe it has something with the fact that a plant has been used for 5000 years so it comes without the surprise that the people had enough time to find all stuff it can be used for.

But Hemp and Marijuana are so similar that in some cases there is the need for lab testing with the microscope to determine the difference, or to know for sure what you are dealing with. In many cases these two were confused and an outcome was sometimes quite unpleasant taken in consideration that some countries had high penalties for possession of either no matter of chemistry. By 2018 act this was changed and CBD became legal.

I believe this is the correct map of the countries where CBD is legal/illegal. You can update me if I am outdated.

Industrial hemp is not used for recreational purposes nor it can produce any unwanted side effect. It is the strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant subspecies that contains extremely low levels of THC (<0.3 or in some cases said <1%)

Unlike Hemp, Marijuana has a different story. Here is a map for Marijuana, or THC.

Blue- Legal
Yellow - Illegal but decriminalized
Pink - Illegal but often unenforced
Red - Illegal

These charts are super volatile lately, so I think in the next ten years this whole map will turn blue. will become legal. I mean, marijuana will be legalized.

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I hope one day that map can be all blue 😊💚


Hope has nothing to do with it, it WILL happen.


I do hope so :)

Interesting maps . Hope you're right about the red turning blue!


Cannabis in the United Arab Emirates is illegal. Even the smallest amounts of the drug can lead to a mandatory four-year prison sentence.

UK charity warns tourists in Dubai not to report rape after woman who was 'gang raped' arrested - Foreign Office also accused of failing to do enough to help women after alleged victim detained on suspicion of having ‘extramarital sex’, an offence under sharia law

I can't believe some countries can have such a perverted view on reality. Do you really think this can survive the future? I don't think so. It is turning BLUE.

I'd like to see the world all blue as the people all stop having the blues!


This sounds poetic, don't tell me you started writing lyrics...

There are more then just 2 speices.

Cannabis Indica
Cannabis Sativa
Cannabis rudderlis
Cannabis Afghanica


Yes of course, thanks for dropping by.