Mexico city looking into Legalizing Marihuana | Public polls being held in the streets

last year
While being inside a highly conservative and religious country, Mexico city is a somewhat progressive and liberal state where some of the country´s free thinkers live... there has been talks about legalizing marihuana over the past few years but nothing has come out of it. Probably because of the strong involvement of the Church in the government issues, despite being a secular state; perhaps because of the strong "family values" our society has; it may be because of all this virtue signaling from upper classes who focuses in demonizing Marihuana

The point is, and this is just my opinion, we just got - for the first time since Mexico is a democratic country since 1910 - a leftist government, supported by the lower classes but also highly followed by the liberal, progressive and free thinking population niche.

Is this good? Are we ready as a 3rd world country - even if Mexico city could be considered somewhat as a developed city - to take this step and legalize the use and selling of Marihuana in controled dozes for recreational use?

I´m not really sure, but I think having public polls is a huge step for achieving the legalization of Marihuana, and what a better way of doing it by just doing unnofficial public polls like the one I ran into a few days ago.

While these polls won´t have official results and won´t end up being a reason to legalize the recreational use of marihuana, it is definitely a step forward to having a precedent for when our society is ready for it. The polls are ran by a private company who is severely involved in social issues regarding liberal topics and are not sponsored by any government entity.

The polls are "guarded" by a person who makes sure that everyone participating only does it one time and makes sure the person is serious about their participation. The person guarding the poll is in favor of legalizing marihuana and they care about having a real opinion from the people paticipating.

Each color represents an Age Group that goes from 7-12. 13-18, 19-30, 31-50 and 51+. This way, the poll makes it easy to identify the stance of every group age.

I haven´t checked if the polls are done by now, but here is the official social media accounts to follow the outcome. I´ll make sure to make an update post.

#MexicoRifado is the hashstag used by this campaign; its a hashtag that translates to "MexicoWithBalls" or "RecklessMexico". There is no literal translation, but in Mexican society, someone "rifado" is he who has your back, who goes a step longer into achieving something, that friend who pulls out his last joint and shares it, the one bro who never backs down.

Makes you wonder if the hashtag defines the Poll Initiative, the people participating in it, the people supporitng the legalization or if its simply a marketing tool. Either way, I´m glad to see Mexico city taking more action into this topic.

I´m pretty sure this polls won´t make it into any mainstream #news channel or MSM but still, word by mouth is becoming more and more efficient in a society where - if Mark doesn´t censor you - Facebook and Twitter can make something viral.

What do you think about this poll and the legalization of Marihuana in a 3rd world country, especially a Latin American country heavily affected by the illegal drug market?

Disclaimer: All the pictures were taken by me

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you forgot to point out the value of illegal drugs to the cartel's . they activley lobby churches and government officials to maintain prohibition because it is profitable.

even tight borders like now are profitable because it means higher prices for less inventory.

I'm really happy to see that the people are realizing prohibitions is the REASON for all this violene. After alcohol prohibition ended the death rate from mafia violence dropped significantly

Haha, that’s a nice way to do the public voting. Looks like si has way more votes than no. Good luck for the people. It’s a good news.


There are some neighborhoods that are majorly in favor of legalizing it and there are some others who are completely against. The demographics in Mexico City are full of contrasts, it will be interesting if they publish the poll results and break it down by neighborhood or at least county.

The cartels in Mexico are already supplying the US not only hardcore drugs from Columbia but Cannabis as well.. so what's more if it's legalized..then it's more likely that the influx of these "goodies" to the US would double since there are more demands there..

I love this. I’m from the States and am in Mexico for the first time. I love this country and it’s people. The people here (in general) seem to respect personal freedom much more than in the US. I feel like there’s a live and let live attitude. It’s wonderful. Because of that I think legalization will come once the older and more conservative population learns the truth about the health benefits and safety of this herb.