Making Campfires Great Again

8 months ago

As the world stands by to watch Canada fully legalize Cannabis this October 17th 2018 I can't help but think about setting up my tent and blazing a fatty by the campfire next summer.


The latest report from Global News confirms an announcement from Parks Canada allowing the use of Cannabis at registered national parks. This news got me thinking. What about opening a Cannabis National Park? Or at least a garden somewhere. In Canada it would end up being seasonal, but I think it would still be a fun idea and get people in there signed up to visit during harvest and they can take home an ounce? Hmmm...

Ok back to the subject at hand (spliff break)


On my search I thought about the legal vs illegal market and how it will be impacted by on October 17th. I read about California and despite legalizing almost a year ago there are still only a limited number of farmers who have licenses. According to the New York Times that number is 3%.

Odds are something similar will happen in Canada as the corporate interests begin to increase and the bureaucratic process prevents faster-moving SME's to make the transition. What do my Smokers think?

One love

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