To Fail is Actually Learning

2 years ago


TO DO NOTHING IS FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO TRY,AND WHILE TRYING YOU TEND TO MAKE SOME MISTAKES THAT IS OK AS TRYING IS "NOT"FAILURE.......TAKE YOUR MISTAKES,LEARN FROM THEM AND TURN THEM INTO POSITIVE CHANGES TO HELP YOU LEARN,GROW AND BLOSSOM...............TO TRY IS ANYTHING BUT FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is a process,one that is always changing,with each change we are given many opportunities to learn,live and grow.change is what helps us as people to develope,and encourages us to take risk.if you take risk and it does not work out do not accept it as failure take it as a learning experience and grow from that toward your success.if you do not succeed from your failure ,then remember that it is not a loss as you learned from it what not to do next time you long as you try you will always come out a winner as you learned something new and that to me is moving forward and a positive part of change and growth in our lifes journey as we grow toward our goals and dreams and success.we may fail a hundred times but that means weve gained that much more knowledge towards our future.where we stand today is far removed from our position last year or even last week.each and every moment offers us new input that influences any decision from this moment on.this is a process that initiates our growth and knowledge as we become adults working towards our goals and dreams and long as we use what we call failure (i choose to call it learning) to our benefit and move forward in our lifes journey we as people shall always succeed and grow for our future and next generation... ""I WILL HAVE THE COURAGE TO MAKE A MISTAKE TODAY.ITS A PROMOSE OF GROWTH" HAVE A GREAT DAY AND REMEMBER,YOU AREN'T FAILING IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE YOU ARE MERELY LEARNING TO PERFECT WHAT YOU MAY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE IN.""

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