Differences Between Joints, Blunts and Cigars

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There are many ways to consume cannabis, be it using a bong, in edibles or the good old-fashioned way, rolling up a sleeve.

Some lovers of the canna community can’t get enough of rolling their own cannabis for consummation, like me. :)

The creativity and ingenuity involved with rolling cannabis still reign supreme amongst the majority of herb lovers. It’s a creative craft that needs meticulous attention to get right and if you are a first timer in the community you will take time in learning how to roll one.

For now, let’s differentiate the three smokables namely blunts, joints and cigars. They may be closely similar but the distinguishing factors are the contents of each and the type of paper material used to wrap the content.


Photo by Oliver Dumoulin on Unsplash

Now cigars are the odd one out in this group, though many smokers still use the term cigar to mean a joint or blunt, they are unique in such a way that a traditional cigar doesn't have any marijuana in them at all.

Cigars are fully packed with tobacco leaves that have been dried, fermented and packed into one leaf and then rolled and dried.

The only relativity to marijuana is that the thick highly nicotine packed cigar leaves are often loosened and used in blunts to pack marijuana. This gives a synergetic high of both nicotine and marijuana.

However, it’s important to take note that cigars are purely tobacco and does not contain marijuana and that once marijuana is added the correct term is a 'blunt'.


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The name blunt originated from the Phillies Blunt brand of cigars that are used as the leave to wrap the weed. It can also be referred as Dutch or Dutchie in parts where this slung is relevant.

A blunt is basically, marijuana rolled in cheap cigar cover, which is basically a tobacco leaf.

The cigars used to wrap this marijuana aren’t the expensive long and thick Cuban cigars that the high and mighty always loves, no. These are much thinner and smaller than the normal cigar associated with flamboyancy.

The only downside to a blunt is that it contains nicotine due to the use of tobacco leaves. So if you are afraid of tobacco addiction, then blunt is not for you. You should rather look for a different form like rolling a clean joint or vape.


Photo by Chase Fade on Unsplash

Now if you want to consume pure marijuana, this is for you.

It’s basically marijuana that has been rolled in light, partially, translucent papers. The content is usually purely marijuana though can be mixed with tobacco if you prefer. The papers are made out of healthy materials such as rice, flax seed, wood fibers, wood pulp or plant cellulose.

In modern years, the addition of crutch to the filters has helped a lot. In the good old days, folks would smoke weed till they burned their fingertips. Today, the use of crutch saves you from the burn while ensuring you smoke on the whole joint.

As mentioned above, rolling joints is a craft that needs meticulous attention to detail. Not to kill your hopes of trying, this craft is easy to adopt and you can learn it if a matter of minutes. Even so, if you can’t get it done yourself, the community is so large and you can always find a friend in need of weed to help out.

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I do love me a nice Blunt!


Username checks out :D

Out of the 3, J's are definitely my favorite to roll. Hands down!

I can occasionally go for a blunt, generally because they burn slower (for me) and are good for passing around in groups of people.. but if I'm just facing something to myself, I definitely prefer the papes. They allow the taste of the bud to truly pop and hit all your senses!


I also smoke J's.. nothing better for sure though when you drunk at a party a good blunt is pretty dank :D


I don't admit it often.. but I mostly roll L's for parties cuz I'm a bit stingy when it comes to people smoking my bud who haven't put in. LOL


My type of parties are small enough that everyone brings something to the table :)


Well, so are mine... but my boys are broke ass bitches. 😂 I still got them tho cuz I love them. Just can't be givin it all away. ; )


sounds like my kinda party

I have to say a joint is the most common way to smoke.
In Canada they banned tobacco leafs for any blunt wraps they are now hemp leafs here.
I on the other hand can never get blunts to stick HAHA so i buy pre rolled blunt cones

  ·  last year

This is true

In modern years, the addition of crutch to the filters has helped a lot. In the good old days, folks would smoke weed till they burned their fingertips. Today, the use of crutch saves you from the burn while ensuring you smoke on the whole joint.

My Dad told Me about his fingers got burnt back then in the days .. Though it's a story!!

But now the introduction of crutch has made it smooth and safe.

Thanks for the info

joints is my best hehe, although am still a learner when it comes to rolling it but i have got lots of professional buddies that gat my back on it.

Over here, it's rains blunt heavily and I'm beginning to get sick like you guys should try something different or is it they don't know about any??. Well thank for this lesson, it'll play a huge role here

Votes for everyone, all around.
The correct answer was...
Any of them! ; )
Stay blazin' my Smoke family!

Peace and Love!


thats the spirit :)

I learned how to roll a blunt from this guy...

Haha I agree it has become a serious craft.