Joint vs Bowl

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Smoking pot is a great idea by itself. But given the option to roll a joint or light up a bowl, what would be your preferred method of choice to stew in the psychedelic juice?

Within the stoner community, any opinion thrown either way will always be up for carping. Not necessarily with scientific evidence, but an old head who’s big on the actual ritual of smoking joints will never run out of rebutting views on the whole idea of dropping their preferred method of choice for bong, bubbler or any other smoking device out there, and vice versa.

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The Basic Difference

Joints are handmade, and all it takes to make one is some basic knowledge on how to roll one and, of course, the rolling paper itself, which should only cost you a few cents.

Bongs on the other hand, are more on the pricey side, with prices ranging from $20 to a few hundred for a good one.

Fast and Heavy Hit vs. with Enough Time to let it creep in Slowly

This sums it all.

A bong rip gets you awfully high for less weed. Good when you’re in for a fast and heavy hit.

That’s mostly because the smoke in bongs has to pass through water before it is hit. The smoke produced is therefore much cooler and friendlier to your lungs. That’s beside from producing a much bigger hit.


Joints are portable. Plus you can never run out of places to hide it should a cop roll up in the middle of a smoking session, somewhere in a marijuana outlawed country. You can even swallow it up to clear the evidence, and don’t mistake this for wastage. You’ll be fried out later on when the cop is off your neck.

Bongs are much bigger, delicate, and less convenient to carry around. You can’t take them in your car as they can be shaken while driving and suffer breakage.

A more convenient option would be a bubbler, which is considerably smaller and not much different from a bong, except for NOT featuring a bowl.

Healthier Option

Bongs are the healthier option here, hands down.

Once you’re done with smoking a bong you can watch as the water turns black after absorbing all the harmful byproducts of smoking.

That’s because the water in the bong is designed to filter out a good chuck of the harmful byproducts that would have otherwise caused detrimental effects to your lungs.

As for weed, most of the black stain gets caught in the crutch and the weed itself. It will thereafter be entering your lungs, thus exposing you to lung cancer and a series of other lung-related diseases.


With bongs there’s always the risk of breaking it. Plus they demand to be cleaned once so often.

Joints on the other hand require nothing of this, except for an ash tray or something similar for disposing of their ashes and cashed joints.


Bongs are considered more efficient.

That’s because you take a fat rip and the force created by the vacuum will be pushing the smoke way deeper into your windpipe and lungs.

This works to ensure that you’re hit heavy and faster, with only a small portion of the smoke going to waste as opposed to smoking a joint.

The Wrap Up

Preference is key in all this, more so because at the end of the day the whole argument will still be boiling down to subjective opinions. But what’s important is to keep in mind that nothing prohibits anyone lucky enough to own a bowl from rolling up a joint and ripping it out. Plus there’s nothing wrong with trying out a method or device you’re NOT fond of, even once in a long while.

Who knows, you might get to love it in the process and switch camps.

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i like ganja acehnese

Definitely Js over pieces of any sort.
For various reasons you've listed above!
Although, if it's a matter of truly tasting the flavors of the buds, I definitely like the classic bowl. Hits all the senses and gives you the full essence of the buds. (You have to keep it clean too to keep the different bud flavors distinct. ;) )

Js just have more options, and they're still amazing to me, as most of the taste is still preserved. The papers don't taint it too much.

You can even swallow it up to clear the evidence, and don’t mistake this for wastage. You’ll be fried out later on when the cop is off your neck.

If I had a nickel...
Well, I'd have a couple of nickels. Still. :)

Funny, once one of my probation officers told me that if I wanted to smoke bud in public I should just roll up a J and go knee high in the water since we live at the beach.. Spark it up and if I see someone coming for me, toss it in the water, let the ocean handle it. LOL.

Same guy once told me that he saw in High Times or something, the idea that if you'd like to smoke in public, to tie a J to a balloon or two. Someone's coming for you, just let it go. He told me it's illegal for officers to shoot rounds into the sky to try to secure the evidence. LOL.

Who knows what's true about what or if the waves would take my J right back to shore or not.. but hearing that from a P.O. just told me long ago that bud wasn't a fucking drug, just a harmless hobby. Later on I'd come to find it's a crazy powerful medicine too... Whoulda thunk it?


When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter in Texas in 1995 my OBGYN told me to smoke marijuana for the nausea cause I am allergic to anti-nausea meds and I was so sick he was worried I was gonna lose my baby. Then he gave me 3 joints and told me not to tell anyone cause he could lose his license. But he believed Marijuana was completely safe to use. That child was reading at a college level by the time she was in 2nd grade, she graduated at 16, she bought her first home free and clear at 19. So yeah I agree with him, it is completely safe to use in pregnancy.

dunno what it is, and sure more waste but joints are what i crave after a long period on space missions away from earth ... Bowls are awesome and pure ok ... Joints are extravagant and fun ...

I've been a bowl person for as long as I can remember. I'm not a big fan of taking the time to make sure my smoke is ground to the proper grain to make sure there isn't a run. Now, If I am going into public then I will just a roll a joint or two because paraphernalia will get you a charge in my area almost as severe as having cannabis on you.

J all day!

As you say much of it is down to preference but we can all agree that the bowl is healthier for your consumption. I love backwoods but I've recently cut way back on them because I know that the tobacco is not good for my lungs.

I still occasionally indulge but not the 2 packs a day iIused to be lol.

Bowl are healthier but less convenient, all the same I prefer joints to bowl because its portability.

It's really more of which one would I do first.

Give salute to mr Chase for a nice caption. Best of luck.
Hello bro. Im new in there. Please visit me. I need ur support

I would re-title this joint vs bong. Then you have the other methods besides those too because then you have bowls too and vaping methods. But then there is the whole metal or glass or ceramic. Then you also have to consider the blunt method too, which IMO should only be used on that dirt basement weed that you don't really want to smoke but it is the only thing around weed. Me personally I like all the methods except the metal and blunt methods but I will use those when I need to, cause when you need to medicate you use what ever is available at the time. I use mainly a bowl rolling a few joints here and there.

I do snapper bowls out of the bong all day. That is my preferred method, but it is nice to relax to a fat joint every once in a while after a long day at work!

Bongs and pipes also make great gifts! Though you could pass a joint off as a gift (not saying the receiver would be unhappy ^^), I'd much rather gift a pipe or bong.

Bowl any day

I personally prefer joints or blunts over bowls. But there are times I visit friends and hit the bong...



I enjoy smoking joints more but bowls are more practical. Also if smellyness is an issue bowls are typically a better choice than joints.

Setting a bud in your nostril and lighting it is my preferred method. Nothing like toasty nose hairs as you cherry the bud and roast your nose hahaha


lol wut?


It was a joke haha. There is a video online of a guy that puts a bud in his nose and then lights it and inhales through his nose! It looks painful as hell but I thought it was funny he was dumb enough to do it @plug


I guess you didn't get my joke :(


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