How To Roll A Spliff

2 years ago

Nowadays, we can get weed just about anywhere from anyone. With that being said, we all have either smoked a spliff, rolled a spliff, or seen one being rolled. If you have yet to roll one, this will be your initiation, here’s your chance to prove yourself in front of all the 'cool' kids. I’ll be teaching you the basics on how to roll a basic joint.

If you want to check out how to roll a sexy lookin' joint check out Mr. Spacely's Few tricks on how to roll a sexy lookin' joint! first.

Here are step by step instructions on how to make a basic spliff.

The basic spliff everyone learns to roll first is normally a basic cone using either king-size or 1,1/4 papers.

There are different kinds of rolling paper, some made from hemp which is 100% organic, some are paper while some are thin sheets of leaf.

When you decide to roll a spliff, you must have:

  • Rolling paper
  • Marijuana
  • Some sort of cardboard to roll on and to make a filter out of
  • and patience.

The type of papers that I tell everyone to get are organic Zig Zag’s or rice paper OCB. I guess we all have our preferences. Today we will be using OCB slim unbleached and go all natural.

Following this guide you will be rolling worthy spliffs in no time.

1. Crush it

You need to make sure your weed is crushed up. Herb grinders are preferred, however, some folks use scissors or simple pinching it with your fingers.

Make sure there are no stems and seeds in the joint else it smells funny and they sometimes pop and poke holes in your blunt…. It's just a mess, just make sure they’re out.

Your weed should be finely ground. If it's lumpy, you will not get a good hit from the spliff. It won’t be fun smoking and will most likely go out and require you to relight it every few puffs.

If you preparing a pure cannabis joint makes sure your herb is completely dry and well cured. I smoke with a pinch of all natural organic tobacco but it is not required.

2. Roach Filter or Clip

Gone are the days of burning your finger on a joint trying to squeeze out the last bit. Most, if not all, joint smokers I know use a cardboard filter for their joints.

The thickness of the cardboard and texture is important tho, so don't just stick anything in there, I noticed some cardboards can cause resin to build up and make it tricky to smoke.

I suggest a thin card that has some gloss to it. I always grab a few of the Burger King flyers as those seem to be just perfect, though most business cards work great too!

Cut a small piece and roll it up into a filter looking cylinder.

3. Roll it

Your weed can now go into the rolling paper, distribute it evenly throughout. The thicker the spliff, the more weed you’ll need to put in there. It's really up to you how much weed to use.

I personally like a skinny king size joint for personal use and roll a slightly thicker joint when with friends.

4. Cone it

Next you need to roll the spliff. The favored way to roll a joint is into a cone, but less individuals select to roll it straight.

I say go with the popular kids and roll it into a cone making each end more narrow than the middle so you make a filter and weed just doesn’t fall out too.

Cannabis seems to smoke best as a cone due to the joint actually getting stronger towards the end due to resins and turps that build up.

5. Tap & Twist

Tap your joint down so that the cannabis fills the entire cone and is distributed evenly...

The best and final step is to twist the top of your spliff, then use a lighter to light up your spliff.

Begin to smoke your spliff. Relax, clear your head, smile, and get high.

Just enjoy how you feel, do not like any negative thoughts enter your head. Let yourself just be high and enjoy yourself. If you are with friends or alone, think about things before you do them, do not do anything crazy or stupid, do not let your friends do it either. Just be responsible and smart.

Eat some munchie foods and watch a classic flick...

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Great guide man! I also posted mine a few days back and I can't wait to see more of them on the blockchain!

I buy papers with filters, they're the best filters to use. I know if a filter is bad, there's a probability that it will mess up the joint. I like aerodynamic joints, just like yours, so I don't want no filter to mess it up xD

Stay high and SMOKE ON!


I linked to yours in the first section of this post :)

Keep on rollin'


Yap, I was aiming to say that I can't wait to see more of them :) I have to learn how to roll a fatass J :D I'm still not that good with them

Neat guide for noobs. Definitely worth mastering the art of the pure roll .. hand pinching and density is everything in how you pack it with zero tobacco. Something i'm now working on lol

Check now if I have everything on my list:

  • Paper [check]
  • Cannabis [check]
  • All I need now is a tutorial showing me how to roll a perfect spliff! Oh wait, never mind. I just found the best tutorial [check]

Am actually a newbie when rolling a joint, am improving though. Thanks for the guide.

All I need now is some cannabis!


You have papers with no weed? I hate when that happens :D


I meant you learnt me how to do it but I need cannabis because it is ilegal in my country :D

Awesome tutorial my friend, now spark her up and smoke that baby, bong on bro. :-)

Good tips, for those of you who don't know How To, now you know.

This is really clear and great instructions..
Awesome and original content..
Thanks for sharing this helpful guide..

you the best :)

Nowadays, we can get weed just about anywhere from anyone

Sure, but it's not yet legal in my country. But you know, man's gotta source for his own smoke, lol.

Ain't no feeling as getting stoned after the day's hustle.

Smoke on brother

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#NoFilters please. I may be a bit of a weirdo, but I like it when little bitty chunks of the bud come out of the tip into my mouth. I chew them up and it's delicious. Lol, I guess I just like chewing on things though, so that's most likely why.

I like that the trending is showing posts like this. Communicating with one another on a blockchain is a beautiful thing and it lets you get to know the people who are on it with you. Great post, I like the engagement here.

@plug Nice post brah!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Look at this also

I've actually seen some users in our area using the emptied cigarette's sticks by removing the filters only. They just crushed the dried leaves.