iPhones might get three cameras

2 years ago

Apple never ceases to amaze us with breathtaking and captivating innovations, from iPhone 8, to iPhone X, each with its distinctive features.

The company is cooking up a major innovation as it is rumored that it is working on adding a triple lens camera for the iPhones the company would be launching in 2019.

The three lens camera is going to have a 3D sensing and also use stereoscopic vision.

So cool, right?

It is really possible for Iphone to look a little bit like Huawei P20 Pro which has already 3 lens. Maybe that's from where the team inspired.


According to a report by MacRumours, the sensors would be capable of snapping photos that could be taken at different angles.

It is also rumored that the three camera feature will enhance the iPhone's reality features, which many has termed as far more important and bigger than virtual reality.

According to a report, the 3D sensing and the rear camera would also enhance the optical zoom feature, which will make it the best zoom feature ever in an iPhone.

The iPhones are also rumored to all use OLED screens just like the iPhone X before them.

Apple hasn't disclosed any information concerning the triple lens camera iPhones or a timetable regarding their release dates.

It is obvious that they have not fully decided on the number of iPhone models that would come with the three cameras feature.

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That's a remarkable review you've got, can't wait for the launch to buy mine.

Apple will never seize to amaze us indeed. Three cameras? Mehn that's definitely gonna shut down the universe .

I own the Hauwai P20 Pro, and I must admit the camera is amazing! Apple definitely makes the nicest looking/feeling hardware, and their software solutions/UI/UX are always intuitive and incredibly user-friendly - They do an incredible job at maintaining consumer interest and desire. I believe if anyone's gonna be successful at getting a kind of "Google Glass" device to the masses, it'll be Apple. If they do something, they do it really well.

I was looking at a $299 Huawei and the iPhone X in the phoneshop last week. I honestly had difficulty telling them apart, and I'm someone who normally can. Apple just doesn't have the edge on smartphone anymore. I used to be quite the fanboy!

Now, can I take photos of all my weed, get them encrypted and loaded onto the SMOKE chain, and stay anon the whole time? That's the kinda phone I'm after suddenly in 2018 ha ha ha!