🥛 Milkbox witness by @ienrikex - My introduction on Smoke! 👋

2 years ago

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Hi guys, this is my introduction as a witness in Smoke, and as an active consumer of cannabis.

Who am i? (not the movie) 👤

My name is Enrique, I currently live in Peru but originally I am from Venezuela. I was always very applied to mathematics and computer science but I could never develop at a good level due to the economic difficulties that my family always had. I really had to work hard for months to pay for courses, studies and teams to continue learning more of my passion.

Due to the social and economic problems of my country, I had to take my bags and sign up for a new destination ... By plane? No, by bus throughout Latin America! (well, I only met 2 more countries, but for me it was incredible, lol)

But ... what do you know about cannabis? 🍀(couldn't find a good emoji)

Well, to overcome the stress of not having a future in my country / working on my personal computer / starting from scratch my life in a new country, I had to choose the most natural option possible.

In Venezuela I tried the worst marijuana, those buds that are taken from the dirtiest corners of downtown Caracas at 3 am. Where you have to enjoy the trip with the headache included.

I tried the Colombian marijuana, the Ecuadorian, and I am currently in love with Peruvian marijuana (and also my wife).

What do you offer Smoke? ☁

Specifications, totally upgradeable


In addition to desire to take this project forward in conjunction with the Project Milkbox and Whaleshares.

Project Milkbox fully supports Smoke and we plan to carry out different activities to encourage development and good vibes on the platform.

Thank you for the reading! Good smokes from here!

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Done voted you as my witness. Thanks man


Thank you for your vote, man!

Great to have you as witness, kind Sir, may your endeavors with this platform be rewarding, fruitful and prolific!


Thank you so much, good Sir!

Welcome on board and i hope to see you guys elevating smoke to the greatness. - i just smoked that post and resmoked to my smokers followers
Fact - i am the first person to use this terms


Fact- no, you're not

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Lol dope fact check

Nice post and write up


Thank you!

Nice to meet you, Welcome on board


Thank you! Glad to be here!

Sounds rough living there.. just yesterday I read a Tweet that Venezuelan people's gold are confiscated at the borders and that some use Bitcoin instead of it. Could you share some insights about that?




Actually, Venezuela is now the third country with more Bitcoin transactions in the world, Venezuela trades more bitcoin than China (according to some statistics).

I used Bitcoins to get out!

And we meet again at Smoke😤 Glad to have you here buddy, appreciate your work. You have my vote!

Welcome to smoke.io @ienrikex,you got our upvote.
We are glad to have you here, do support us by following,voting and resmoking

@smokesteam community