I Could Be Into This - Introduction Post

2 years ago

What Up Guys And Girls And All Those In Between!

I will start off by saying this will be my unadulterated outlet as I take the 21 age limit means we can all be adults here right? Love It!

Blue Moon Rocks, one of my favourites no idea the stains. Strong as all hell, maybe that will be a post topic lmao

My first blog & vlog was Steemit and DTube and yes I am the same @D00k13, though most recently the platform has proven to be problematic so here I am. Can’t be blind to what is developing elsewhere and what I like is this is no piggyback system, straight up like Steem but simplified? Anywho I’m in, I can post about things of interest not formally supported there but here flourish.

oz of Blue Moon Rocks

I am a simple man, I like my herb and it does me just right. Long story behind the first herbsperiance I had but in short, I got angry no one forced me to do it earlier. You see I have always felt uncomfortable in my own skin, anxious mostly. Weed helps with that and largely for inspiration, I just smoked that joint in the picture above and decided I would start posting. Many of my best Vlogs have come as idea while blitzed.

Now I’m going to need to figure out where to buy in, only something small to start. That will be my next line of research.

So a few mates of mine refered me here, @graylan & @jrswab both of which are witnesses here. Guess what guys I was researching possibility of running a Steem Witness but it was slightly outside my budget. I think with a little effort I could turn my mining rig into a Smoke Witness as is, should I fire up a witness here?

I’m a blogger and vlogger, it’s therapeutic for me just as smoking a joint can be. I don’t really know what I’ll post about or how frequently but I’m certain I’ll leave a lasting impression.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Woohooo! Dookie in the smokin' house! hahaa I wonder the same thing as @maryjane already mentioned, where did you get all those cutie cartoons!!!?? I want those tooooo :D btw, Welcome Dookie! :D


Somehow I knew I would find you here! How have you been finding this project so far?

I am surprised more people don’t know about the application, Bitmoji, it’s like a branding dream come true. Little hint, I created my own discord server to host the pictures on I just upload them and then copy the links placing them where I want them on my blogs without having to constantly reupload.

So far I love how simpylified this platform is in comparison with Steemit, I also like that the resources are low for running a witness.

I am seriously contemplating being a smoke witness so yes @d00k13 is in the smokin house, @graylan is also here! For the time being I will be pushing his witness for votes till I launch my own, if you wouldn’t mind 😉.

We have been discussing possibilities of #OneLoveSmoke 🤔 what you think about that one?


Wowww ahhaha I could see how excited you are with all the project happening and will soon LOLOL Yeah, saw @graylan and been talking a bit. Yeah, if you some how be a witness yourself, you sure get my support (+1 my bf is hangin' around as well) ;) #onelovesmoke would be fun but really, the platform is not that big to have a small community seperate just now.

I will have to check out bitmojiiiiii!!!!!!!


Not that big now but imagine if we start building out dapps on this chain, give it a year or so and I’m certain the efforts will be worth while. I am really just stoked to find a platform not segregated by wallet size, not certain how I feel about Steemit ATM with recent problems and the inability to acknowledge the mistakes being made.

Thanks for the vote of confidence on the witness idea, be a good learning experience at the minimum for me.

I most likely wouldn’t take the avenue of a separate community with a onelovesmoke but it would turn into more like a congregation of minds, developing requires some private discussion I just love the idea of our branding plus it seems a few of us are already here.


Haha yeah, the dapps sound fun. I'm not even sure if I would fit well around here. They're debating about the content types and I'm like.. .. hmm observing for now LOLOL

For whatever you do, I'm here to support but yes, do think a lot.. doesn't seem like what you mention would be easy at all...


The best things in life are never easy!

I look at what steemit has for an example of what’s possible but those systems can be vastly improved upon, we have a opportunity here to shape this platform from the ground up!

Hey @d00k13, welcome to smoke.

You can currently buy smoke on the bitshares dex:

Look forward to seeing more from you.


Right on thank you kindly!

It’s a rather difficult one to find without the direct link it seems!

I will most definitely be posting here as frequently as possible, thanks again for the warm welcome 💪

YO!!! welcome ! you got the same name on steemit?
Same here weed helped a lot with anxiety and feel comfortable, or even find the inspiration!


Yes I do, same name on Steemit!

It’s nice to find a place we can share our experiences with weed and not feel ostracized for it!

I don't believe I have ever come across you on steemit or DTube... so welcome to this platform!!


Yea I kinda worked my way up on Steemit without getting to popular, have you heard of #OneLoveDTube? Well myself and DNews founded that community as a means of supporting others. Pretty well my entire gig there is about encouragement and support while growing my own abilities through challenging myself.

Thanks for the welcome, very nice to see people curating introduction posts here!

Welcome on board bro
Nice caricuture


Thanks dude, just being the class clown ehh

Welcome aboard @d00k13! How did you come up with those awesome caricature's of yourself?


Thanks for the welcome @maryjane, ahh hhaa that’s a secret 😉

In all seriousness I had the same reaction when I first saw them, very simple to use application Bitmoji! Has tons of different ones with several different avatar styles, really handy for impact and entertainment on my blogs 😎


I will go check them out. Thanks @d00k13!


Your quite welcome, hint there is a chrome browser extension if you are a desktop user 😎

Welcome D00k. Glad to see you join up smoke. :)


Gotta show support for your witness and all 😉

Welcome to smoke.io @d00k13,you got our upvote.
We are glad to have you here, do support us by following,voting and resmoking

@smokesteam community


I was wondering if a share was called resmoke lmao thanks for answering that before I even had to ask!

Definitely followed 🤙 thanks for the warm welcome!

I knew my man was down ! Good to see you here . This is @toddsmith1979


Good to see you also, thanks for the post on how to move STEEM into SMOKE I did my test yesterday. Lol didn’t get much as I only moved about $1.50 US and the fee was almost $1.20 but I know it works so I’ll do more eventually!

Wow man, you are really good with illustrations. Hope to see more of them.
Keep up the good work !

Smoke up!

If you are interested in joining new curation community on discord please have a look at this post:


It is new community created for curation of unique and quality content. If you plan on posting such material regularly you might join us and have it a try so we can all make our small votes count.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.


I will have to give that a look, as for my posts I hope to keep them on the higher end for quality.

Had a fair bit of practice with Steemit so shouldn’t be an issue only regularity as I have lots going on both in life and my DTube community.

Thanks for the warm welcome and invitation thoug, greatly appreciated.

Hey ... great to see you here too.