Good day tokers and smokers. This is my introduction to the community of

last year


----Greetings from the fractal space----

----I hope you have a smokey day----

It is truly a pleasure to have become a part of this lovely, living and enthusiastic community.

Allow me to begin my introduction. I got introduced to by @psyceratopsb who is also my older brother. Born in the small country of Croatia, where I also grew up. I moved to Germany a few years back, where I currently reside and have made my nest.

Trained chef by profession, but currently not in employment as a cook. Favorite type of food and ingredient for cooking are mushrooms, which were also the theme of my final essay for graduation. My hobbies include but are not limited to digital art, tie dye, video games, video production and YouTube entertainment, of which the links will be available in my signature.


If you enjoy seeing 2 friends competing against each other with a punishment for the losing side, visit us and enetertain yourself . Help us grow as a channel and an entertainment crew, to reach more people and bring a smile to their face.


The „belief“ system I practice is a personally designed agnostic-spiritualic viewpoint that takes roots in Chaos Magick, with symbolism rooted in the principle of The Tao, various mythologies and sytems classified under metaphysics and parapsychology. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology Chaos Magick, it is not what you regularly imagine when you hear the term magick (but it can be if you wish it to be). Chaos Magick is a post modern type of „magick“ system. Also called success magick. It is based in creating and developing your idiosyncratic „magical“ system that frequently borrows from other magical or mistical traditions, religious movements, spiritualities and various types of philosophy. It mostly rejects the existence of an absolute truth, and sees all occult systems as arbitrary symbol systems that are only effective because of the belief of the one practising it. Or in leymens terms, it assimilates that which it finds appealing and discards that which it does not find appealing. If you are interested in more information, you can find them on the internet or in my signature. On a side note, after being involved in this type of excercise for a while now, I have observed that many people actually practice this type of implementation but are unable to express it in a fitting terminology. It is what i consider as my biggest passion. The research of mythology, religion, spiritualism, philosophy, symbolism and the occult in general. Which you have probably guessed reading this section.


I am also an active collector or all sorts of pipes, Buddhas and Yin-Yang (also known as The Tao). Which will be included in my future posts in more detail. I enjoy visiting new places. Exploring its nature and wildlife. Which also includes interacting with the locals to learn a bit more about the place.

Being a cannabis enthusiast I believe that cannabis is the cure to some of the biggest issues plaguing our world right now. Issues which you are familiar yourselves with. Issues such as, but not limited to:


  • Bio degradable hemp plastic, which can be absorbed by the earth in less then 8 weeks.


  • Grown under 6 months can produce 10 times more paper then the same quantity of trees which take more then 10 years to grow.


  • Fibers for clothes made of hemp are far more durable then any other material used for clothes. -housing. Dried up and powdered cannabis seeds can be used as materials for development of buildings, which in turn are durable and make very good insulation for hot summers or cold winters.


  • Cannabis also has the power to produce bio fuel which can be used instead of oil.

Medical Treatment

  • From pain relief, insomnia, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and many more.

-----------The End-----------

This post has been writen on 420% reusable electrons.



profile mini.png

Feel free to visit and subscribe, to help us grow as an entertainment crew.

Chaos Magick


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hi again @zuculuz ! nice to meet you ,
you're @psyceratopsb brother? cool , i knew his blog
you have an interesting fractal picture :D


Hallo ✌️. Yes he is my brother. He also got me into mostly into smoking and into smoke hahaha. Thank you. I do most of my fractals on my phone. So I can do them on the go or when in bored. It's a pretty good time killer and hobbie for me. I have many many more which I wish to showcase in my future posts. I get bored easily hahaha.


hahaha nice, i see,,, so i'll watch them in your future posts ,✌️


Thank you very much. ✌️


Brothers in blunts...


Most people have their older sibling give them their bottles when they are little. He give me my first joint when I came out 😂hahaha

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Thank you mister bot.

Greetings from space and welcome to! We're glad you found us!

Have fun and smoke on! :D


Thank you. I know I will :D

Welcome to smoke, looking forwards to your future smoke content 👍


Thank you. ✌️ I look forward to compiling it and reading other peoples smokey content

Hello fellow spacelander!


Hallow and greetings 🖖

welcome to Smoke, and glad to have you in the Canna-Curate server.


Thank you. I'm glad. To be here.

Great intro dude. Welcome to smoke and canna-curate!


Thank you my friend.

High, Welcome to the platform. Puff, Puff, Pass...


Hallo and thank you. I'm glad to be here. ✌️

Welcome lil bro, nice picture! u are a good editor


Thats u but on lsd


Hahahaha kinda


Thank you, thank you and thank you hahaha I have always wanted to have a blog but I knew that the things I wanted to talk about, not many people wanted to read. But now I finally have a community that enjoys similar things to myself.

hi .. welcome to
I followed you too... :)
Go0d luck man ;)


Thank you a lot. ✌️😎


Thank you a lot. ✌️😎