Hi, I'm Unnamed

last year

That's not an accident, I like it like that.

Eventhough, being entirely honest, I must admit that I had totally forgotten about it.

Logging in here and looking at the settings page I was wondering "Cool, you can set your display name here!"


Even my lastpass showed @unnamed as a username. So, obviously, it was a conscious choice I made.

I like it like that.


I don't know what I was on anymore when I opted for @unnamed.

Obviously, it wasn't just coffee.

Maybe I truly wanted to be @alibi? Or maybe I wanted to be @dtsh, downthescreenhole where I'm from according to my profile. Because, that's right, I don't like rabbits.

I truly don’t like rabbits.

Or maybe, just maybe, I truly wanted to be @unnamed.

It most likely was that.

Hopefully you never will feel the need to gossip about me because it may make you look - or sound - rather stupid.

Hi, I'm @unnamed and... I like it like that.

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  ·  last year

well @unnamed, welcome in whoever you are and whatever you are.

I ate rabbit once, it was delicious.


That’s probably my most preferred rabbit. The ones to be eaten.

Until I ate Thai rabbits in France, early 90s, that is. Their thighs were like kickboxers’ thighs. Clearly full of amphets. There had to be a reason why the French imported meat from Thailand, right?

Compensating for them frogs.


Welcome to Smoke.io !