INTRO: SmokeHostel420 Bounce In Like The Dude With Timber Shoe.;)

3 years ago

It's a big privilege we have made it this far, after along waiting days and night for the platform to launch. All thanks to the team and community for making this a success. All thanks to @stoner, @paddy420, @vikingcc, @baabeetaa, @elliot, @smokers420, @joesmoke, @skylinebuds, @offialfuzzy and others for this great platform. I can't but to thanks and commend @stoner for this work, for bringing hope to pot smokers and users all over the world.

SmokeHostel420 Lead-in;

SmokeHostel420 is an account created to encourage content creators that stick to the SMOKE.IO mission and make good informative marijuana content. This has been the plan of vibrant young guy, and have been trying all his best to be helpful to this great platform for some months ago now and still continue his good work.

PrinceOla does not have much but always dreaming to help people he could as much as he can, and he believes one of those people that need help are people that need happiness and trying to get it by using miraculous plants but government have been in one way or the other been a problem to them, people criticize them both online and offline. Life can be hard for lonely and unhappy people but with, you have all the goodness at your hands, family and friends, people of the same mind with you and also get a reward for all you are doing here. This brings Ola to @stoner, and the converses bring out SmokeHostel420.

To know more about PrinceOla, You can check out his introduction post Here.

The Mission;

These Mission stated above have key started right before the launching date of but mainly start now that we have this community account. Our Quality Assurance and Curators will be going through all the contents publishing daily by all users and the best will be picked and curate accordingly.

  • We will have Quality Assurance and Curators, on the platform picking those good and informative content for reward.

  • So many people out there that did not know anything about cryptocurrency yet and most that knew about it don't even know where to start from. We plan to be having some cryptocurrency and blockchain lectures in SmokeTalk on Smoke Discord.
    With this, we can build a long time and strong family in this space and also put foods on someone's table and more so, this will help the platform too. Think of it, when someone says 's, "I learn about cryptocurrency that put foods on my table from group on Discord".

  • We will be a Publishing weekly post on most important things that happen on the Discord server.

  • More will be added when discovered.


  • Only cannabis content maker will benefit from this plan. Remember, that is what we all have in common on this platform and that need to be protected. Although, some sub-cultures post can be count in, only that they must have a positive impact on Cannabis, and everything close to it.

  • Politics, abusive or any sorts of bully content or video will not be accepted for this.

  • Remember the mission is to let government and other people that don't know the worth and usefulness of marijuana to know it and also get marijuana legalized all over the world.

How We Reward Content That Deserves It;

SmokeHostel420 did not have much Smoke Power but PrinceOla have 50,000+ Smoke Power, which will be used for now. In the future, this may change while SmokeHostel420 will be power up and use its own SP. Also, we pleased for help/support from anyone who can support this should not hesitate, nothing is too small to help the movement.

Nothing is too small to help this movement as is will benefit everyone on this platform, please you can consider helping us. Thanks in advance.

While everything is going on fine on the system, there are Witnesses that are producing blocks to keep everything work smoothly. Please create time and vote for them using this link.


LET THE PARTY BEGIN, the voting pool is still finding its way to make balance which is while most 100% upvotes are still not getting what they should be getting as per their voting power. But worry less, at least you can get up to 1-2.5 smoke from 100% vote of @princeola for simple tasks right now.


  1. Follow @smokehostel420.

  2. Let bring SMOKE to the top of the list. VOTE for Smoke on (If we can make it to the top on this, smoke will get free post ico report which will bring more users to the platform and also grow our dear baby. Smoke.)

  3. Comment anything that comes to your mind. ( no comment, no vote)

Note:- Please don't click on "I AM TOKEN HOLDER" on the website while voting.

THIS START NOW & WILL END AFTER THIS POST PAYOUT, PLEASE LET ANTICIPATE AND feel free to drop a question in case you have any. Thank you for your time. ONE LOVE!.

Join us on Smoke discord server:


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Thanks for the shout out. i think we can get top votes on if we as a community do it.
This is awesome that your doing this to help good cannabis post.


You're welcome Skylinebuds, and yes we will reach the top of the list. I believe even without giving smoke network have a lot of fans out there.


yes i think we can hit top list i am gonna make up a quick post tonight and post it on smoke and steem. i really gotta get a my intro and get over to whaleshares as well


That will be great too, this is already on the 3 platform now. if you add yours and others also do then I am afraid if sky can contain us. lol

Did my bit and voted for smoke in post Ico. Good luck to us all. How do we check if our vote counted on that site?


Thank you buddy, so glad you help in this. let burn some plant ;).

Following @smokehostel420

Everyone needs a helping hand to grow on this platform (including me!)

I'm an active team member of Project-Atlas, and currently promoting #SMOKE with our Twitter Campaign 👍

Let's all vote for 🤝


Let do this brother, keep the smoke flame high but burn no cloth budd. ;) haha...


Thank you :)
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 23.03.21.png

I joined today looks impressive. well done! i voted on too. lets rock!

This is awesome @smokehostel420, keep up the good work👍. #Voted


Thank you mate, so glad o finally E-meet someone like you here. Let keep the ash burning

WOW! I'm really excited, glad to be part of the community
Good luck everyone!
I'll vote on now too!
And Resmoke !


@spliff bounce in here, hehe.. Thanks for the comment buddy, really appreciate that.

This looks good. Looking out for smoke hostel

I just voted! I noticed there haven't been many votes yet, so everyone should be on it :) Smoke has no limits!


Thanks for the vote bud, I hope others did too and make this a great. :)

It's nice having smoke hostel around. This community is going places!


Thank you Pearlumie, So I am happy to see you here. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Wow! What a great initiative! You are doing awesomely already. Smoke hostel has our full support. Wishing it a smooth ride


Thank you Diana, so glad to see you around. keep burning pot for good reasons ;)

Awesome... Togetherness we reach the destination.

One Love


heeeeey! Boss @Samest is here, hehehe... Thanks so much boss, burn some ash to the air a& get paid ;)

What a great initiative to recognise great content and curate great authors. This will definitely be a bonus for the smoke network. Great work.


Exactly our thought before we started this, Thanks for stopping by Bud. I hope you've voted for in the above link?.

Done!! Good job @PrinceOla


Thanks you @subways. keep the ash burning.

Good stuff, got my attendance.


Thank for the vote buddy, let keep the good work going.

This is an absolutely brilliant initiative. Thumbs-up to @princeola, and indeed the entire smoke network crew.
I believe this initiative would further proliferate the use and acceptability of weed worldwide.

Smoke on.

Resmoked for added visibility


Thank you @samminator for the resmoked, you are a blessing to the community. Please keep the ash burning.


It's an honour to be part of this great community.

Smoke on 🌿

This is really amazing... It is great to see how @smokehostel420 has the community at heart...

Keep doing the good work...


Panda the awesome smoker, I believe you are enjoying it here buddy.


Yes o buddy... Smoke is such an AMAZING community... :)

OH this is going to be unbelievable
GREAT way to share, curate and find new members you may have missed in the feed; especially as the membership grows!


Yes, thats the dream @goldendawne. We are here to keep smoker happy. they deserve the best. ;)

Awesome initiative. Shout out to you guys for taking the steps to help us smokers!! We need more like you all!


Thank you friend, yes more are still coming in. please have you voted for smoke in the above link?

Nice one @smokehostel420, happy you are making here a more benefitting platform for everyone keep up the good work. I will Definitely keep an eye here to get more update from you.


Thank you Jessica, so glad you stop by. Have you vote for


Yeah, just did that


Thank you @jessica, so glad to have you here with us.

Thanks. Voted! Still watching, always supporting. ✌🏼❤️


Thank you for the vote buddy, let keep the good work going. I'm afraid sky might not contain us but worry less we will shift to the moon. ;)

Great post and great community! i come here from steemit, hope the coin will gets more value soon good work team


ah! all the way from steemit, you're welcome here buddy. let enjoy it here and get paid .;)

Nice hoping to b featured in time ⌚


Haha... Kaycee the house owner himself. Brother, please keep the ash burner.

Amazing work you are doing right here.... Hope we will get to the top of the rank pretty soon!


Yes, we are at the top already but hey! let crash the website with our vote haha.

Welcome to smoke! I've chatted a bit on discord with you guys, but not so far in the chain. It's great to see smokehostel420 up and running and I'm excited to see what is to come in the future.


Thank you for the time @graylan, we hope to have some ash burn by this time of next year. keep the smoke high buddy.

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Honeybadger doesn't give a damn. what a coolest words, loving it here, thanks you.


some the best shatter i can buy in my parts is honeybadger. lol


Lmao!!!... Honeybadger don't care, nothing to afraid of.

Glad you are here. Just voted.