From Amsterdam with Pot, errrr.... Love

2 years ago

Hi, my name is roelandp. Back in the days I used to smoke sometimes, is this now stored forever? Anyhow I don't anymore, but I'm curious to see where this platform will go.

I'm a witness for Steem and organise the annual SteemFest which is about to happen in 6 weeks again, this year in Kraków!

I'm also a developer and make for example some scripts for Graphene chains, which you can find on my Github and might be easily adaptable to Smoke.

One of my most recent apps for Steem was the which, if this network shows any potential I will be able to convert quite easy to Smoke! It will depend on how apple looks at this all if it can enter the appstore however :P

To experiment I've also setup a witness node, under this name @roelandp

Alright, 420 out!

:wave: from Amsterdam

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Roeland!! Nice seeing you here buddy! :)


Acid, what is going on here? What is this place? Where do I find the STD airdrop again.


Also lookin' for the STD's. I heard they were every ;)

Wouldn't be the same without you. See you in Krakow :)

Welcome to smoke @roelandp - it’s good to see more familiar faces each day.

Edit: Btw... smokefest? :D


Smokefest in Amsterdam would be lit.


I’m already there in my mind.


Get both your asses to Amsterdam already... SmokeFest Pre party


I think we weed need this.


That sounds like a plan! Now we need a roelandp clone for Smoke...Hmmm...


Lol fest in Amsterdam... doesn't get any better than that

Will you create a whale that blows out smoke for well... smoke?

Great to have you here @roelandp... welcome buddy


Btw, whats going on with yensesa markets ? liquidity is almost none and price is going to hell... Sorry for offtopic.

Great article :) Have fun in Krakow :)

Great to see you here too. So more cool projects are coming for smoke I believe :)

Hey @roelandp, glad to see ya here

Awesome to see you here Roeland! Looking forward to seeing you roll things up for the Smoke network.

Hey Hey, not even few days and we see you here! It is a big pleasure and GOEDENMORGEN! Oohh.. I mean WELCOME!

Artakush dreams SF3 in the bush...


morguhh :P

Roeland! Didn't expect you to be here! Welcome :)

Most glad to have you around for sure!

Hey bro this is Blockchain Music from Steemit, glad you're part of Smoke !

Booom!!... Dad is here .. A SMOKING warm welcome here!!!

Glad to see you here also. Welcome here @roelandp

the boss is here blockchain in your blood now 4.20

Happy to have you here, your name really rings a bell. We will meet at on highness

I need to come to visit you someday! Nice to see you here @roelandp :)

Roelandp rollin up!

"It will depend on how apple looks at this all if it can enter the appstore however :P"

I feel your pain 🙄

I saw you're also one of the witnesses here. Voted, of course! :)

That's coooool! and it would be so cool if you also do the convert on the app as mentioned. I have been loving the steem wallet!

Glad to see you here! :)

Welcome. I am pleased to know that you no longer use marihuana. You are lucky to be alive. Yes, your confession is here forever on the blockchain, but the LORD looks with forgiveness upon his people.



awesome post plezz support me @roelandp

Never knew @roelandp was here until lastnight when I wanted to vote for some witnesses. I included you though cause I believe with you being here as well as @acid, @anomadsoul, and @blackman, things can only get better for the smoke blockchain.


Such a great feeling to see more and more influential people join this community. Hope we also have our very own like of the wallet app you made for steem.

Woahhh ! Are you here as well buddy? Nice to meet you here!:)

I love Amsterdam <3
Cheers dude!

Stern it is the daddy social net for web 3

Hey Welcome there Mr Roelandp Can u send us a bit of marijane to enjoy <3

Welcome Roeland. Hopefully, Smoke will be one of the best graphene chains.

Greetings to your daughter.
Goodluck with SteemFest.

I used to think I was going to attend the next one but 😌. I think I was the first to vote your witness. Welcome man

Yummy pic

Been in Dam like 2 months ago. Sure was nice narco-architecture-museum visit...was so feeling welcomed over there...
Just the damn rats during night at that Vol park..damn they are huge..scared the shit out of me on truffles...

Nice that you are also here! Steemit and smoke...😉👍🏼🙃✨hugs to ya

A big warm welcome to you...

Smoking greatness...

Good to see you around man, let´s see smoke moon together :)
I saw in the comments the suggestion about the smokefest in Amsterdam, that would kick ass!

Nice to see you here!

My area of ​​Aceh is also famous for marijuana

Look at that bag! What you got in that bag?

Greetings and welcome!

Right On Roeland, make sense you'd all over this too lol. See you at SF3 ;)

welcome @roelandp, nice to meet u here

Welcome to @roelandp and you got our upvote.
We are glad to have you here, do support us by following,voting and resmoking

@smokesteam community

Hey @roelandp, great to see you on the smoke network - you've got my vote! Looking forwards to what you can bring to the smoke network in the future.

Would you consider promoting steem forks at steemfest (like whaleshares and smoke), or do you think they deserve their own events?

Voted for your BTS WP too - keep up the great work!

Greetings @roelandp and congrats on being ex-smoker :) I've never smoked but I did runned some witnesses nodes, too. :D

Welcome to Smoke!

Hopefully you find an interest in developing something for this platform as well! I'd love to see what you come up with and I'm sure I'd be a regular user of it! This platform has a lot of hope in my opinion, because it brings together one of the biggest groups of peaceful people, Smokers! :) Best of luck to you on here as well! Maybe you can share some of your stories from when you were a smoker with us, unless you'd rather not, ofc. :P

Peace and Love.

Thanks for your support @roelandp! We're working together to make a hot crypto platform for the weed loving masses!

Hi @roelandp great to have such good people here from the Steem community. Your developer skillz and knowledge will become very valuable for the Smoke-Network. And no you don't have to be a stoner to have fun hanging out here, cheers!!!


But it is a plus!

Love the pictures @roelandp and keep smoking on. Regards

wow , really nice

@roelandp its great to see you on this platform as well, greetings

nice man I hope to collaborate with you on some projects! Im still learning how to use the backend of Steemit and would love to have a few pointers!

Great to see you here too @roelandp! Will see you in Krakow!

It's nice to see you here successful
@roelandp for you

SoOo when/where is this year's SMOKEFest?!...

oh hi Roeland ,nice to see you in smoke, i joined it yesterday , at least i know some people here :))

Really cool meeting you today at steemfest. Love the outfit and really cool to put a face to a name I have seen around so much in my first
Year! Cheers brother!!

i have voted you for witness!