The Trending Page Terrified Me For A While, But Now, I Am Here To Face My Fears

2 years ago

So, I'm finally on Smoke. Can't exactly remember how I got to hear about, but I think I registered for the airdrop (I'm not sure). But anyway I got an email alert to the effect that the blockchain is now fully functional. Everytime I tried to sign up, a quick glance through the front page always left me feeling inadequate and intimidated.
I always told myself... "These people are quite knowledgeable about the things that they blog about."

So what do I do? What can I write about that I know a lot about, in relation to the scope of Upon which template do I build my smoke account? How do I combine earning with keeping my audience on smoke? Hmm...
Well, I am a final year Law student. But I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a hack at that; on the professional level my motto is "I can do all things through google that strengthens me". And while in my opinion you increase work rate and gain more knowledge through google, when you know the right way to search of course; I mean, getting adequate knowledge off google requires some skills (don't you think?). I still consider myself to be someone who seeks rather than gives advice on matters arising in actual practice and I don't think I can regularly churn out articles on them without eventually contradicting myself especially since the concept of law is dynamic and stays evolving.

What else to consider? Yeah, I'm a writer of sort. I have scores of poetry written for my eyes only. I wouldn't care to publish those, especially since most of them were hurriedly scribbled on pieces of paper that have ended up in bins. Also I have started writing about 4 prose works but sadly I always seem to lose the plot every time. I think my time doing short stories was my most successful as a writer Lol. Got some published on some blogs here and there... Not bad eh?

Oh yeah! I'm in love with meme's too
So the questions bother me, and what can I do about them? What would the general theme of my smoke blogging be? Do I even need a general theme? Do I just run on freestyles as they come? Should I be drawn to the allure of smoke and write short crowd pleasers? Or should I write my smoke inspired stories and poems that might have no audience. What guarantees do I have that I would not altogether lose the plot of everything and fall into an abyss of confusion? Confused of my own intellect🤷

Well, at this juncture, I should rather hold up on my train of thoughts before I lose my mind. I am just overly engaging my pondering senses again. I don't care anymore. Maybe I'll fly, maybe I'll crash and die. Maybe I'll create impact like I want, doing something that I love or maybe I'll just end up scribbling a whole lot of nothing.

Follow me to find out 😉

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