Introducing Coffee Buds: New Social Club for Coffee, Cannabis, and Crypto Enthusiasts

11 months ago

Yeeeaah! looks beautiful! I've been so busy, I hadn't kept up with the development! I had almost forgot I still had my SMOKE sitting on Bitshares!

Setting up an account and claiming my tokens were a breeze! Looking at the trending page and trying out voting, commenting, etc with no problems. Well done @theanxioustoner and everyone involved!

This is actually perfect timing because I am just starting a cannabis friendly business in Northern California!

We've recently noticed that some of our favorite things must also be deeply appreciated by a lot of other people as well. The newly legal industry for cannabis alone is pretty ridiculous, but also significant is what is known as the 3rd wave of coffee.

Together coffee and cannabis have been called the Seattle Speedball. That is where I originally fell in love with the combo and now years later I am back in the Pacific Northwest to make a long time dream come true - a coffee shop that also has craft cannabis.

There are now plenty of places to buy excellent quality cannabis in the PNW but almost no places to go to legally and safely consume cannabis. There is a need in the market for local places to be able to consume cannabis. In The Netherlands, these places are even called coffee shops, so the idea isn't really a new one.

We want to pull together some of the best aspects of Dutch coffee shops and American cannabis and coffee to provide a truly unique experience. We hope this will also help to "normalize" cannabis use in the U.S.

For me, there is no better combination in the morning than a proper wake n' bake with good coffee to go with it. Personally, I don't even have breakfast until after this ritual - I often don't even eat any food until lunch time.

The combination of flavors and effects is a glorious mix of terpenes and psychoactive elements that bring people together and make them feel good. That statement is true whether talking about cannabis or coffee.

Since I have become a digital nomad through Steemit, I have become accustomed to spending a fair bit of my morning consuming coffee, cannabis, and wifi as I manage my crypto portfolio, and keep an eye on crypto, twitter, and steemit.

I have recently come across an opportunity to setup a Bed & Breakfast/Coffee Shop. The plan for this first location is a place that you can bring your own cannabis (BYOC) and enjoy it with your coffee, tea, and food you can purchase at the coffee shop.

This post is the first I've written about the new project and is exclusive to!

This is my first post. Please give me a follow if you are interested in consuming craft coffee and cannabis together and want to see the development of the Coffee Buds Social Club!


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Happy to have you joining us! I love cannabis and coffee, so I will have to be sure to keep up with your posts! Best of luck on here and happy to see you're enjoying things so far


Glad to hear it @cannaking! Thank you for the warm welcome!

I am dutch, amd curious how hard/easy it is for me(/foreigners) to get work in the cannabis industry over there.

Ps. Some coffeeshops are the best places on earth, a lot of weed, good music and playing some 8ball or darts😎


I'm not sure @jegroen. I love Dutch coffeeshops! I definitely drew some inspiration from some of the ones I visited for the idea for my new @coffeebuds venture!


I love your idea, def. Following this, and maybe visiting one day ;)

Hey awesome project! Good luck with this @coffeebuds!

CONGRATULATIONS on starting the new business! That got to be a wonderful feeling!

I have recently come across an opportunity to setup a Bed & Breakfast/Coffee Shop

THIS is a fabulous idea! I really like it.
So many possibilities to be utilized with this.

Can't wait to see more updates!


It really is a dream come true. There are SO many possibilities. Thanks for the support!


I am so envious!! Now you have my mind churning and churning! lol


Well, that makes two of us!! lol

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Thanks for welcome, info, and upvote!

Excellent... I love buds and coffee


Right! I figure there has to be a lot of us!

Awesome sounding plan. Welcome to SMOKE.. what's your @screenname in Steemit


What's Steemit? ;-P

Good shit, coffee and buds what a great pairing :D


IKR! What could go better together!

Love the idea of bringing in your own cannabis to the Coffee Shop (or Bed and Breakfast).


Glad to hear it! Thanks for saying so! It seems obvious to us, but always a bit scary when starting a new venture.

Coffee and cannabis! My two favorite drugs. It really is a nice pair. I might have to make a trip once this place is open


Oh yeah!!! We would absolutely love to have you!

The plan for this first location is a place that you can bring your own cannabis (BYOC) and enjoy it with your coffee, tea, and food you can purchase at the coffee shop

That's a really cool idea, I love it. Are you planning on sharing with your progress on Smoke ?


Thank you! And, yes! We even plan to use for our official press release. What better channel to go through to reach our market!


Amazing !