Introducing An Entrepreneur On Smoke

2 years ago

Hello @smoke friends...
I'm @chibuzorwisdom....
An Entrepreneur
A man with vision
An optimist
A photographer
A medic
A comedian
A social Activist


I was born and brought up in South Eastern Nigeria.
All my life I have always been a business lover and a blogger.
Fortunately I came to this platform through devotion to hard work and constant zeal to embrace new information.
My real name is Ndubuisi, I'm a graduate Of biochemistry
and a practicing business man.

I have this little medic shop which I'm managing now and hoping to explore my blogging talents more on this platform.

I first saw the information about @smoke platform on a @steemit group whasapp which I belong to and later registered when I saw the @blackman @black-man witness upvote link using @afiabot for @whaleshares.

I have always been a creative cryptocurrency trader and I hope to explore my blogging talents more on this platform @smoke.

My interest is to help in building this blockchain in any way I might find needful. I greet all members, groups, communities and founders of this platform.
Just as McPherson said "power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely" I have come to render my absolute integrity to the growth and development of this platform to its optimum apex and goal.

I believe in success.
I love you all...
Thanks for your time...
Be the real you always.

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Hello @chibuzorwisdom, welcome to Smoke Network and thank you for creating your first post!
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We look forward to seeing the amazing cannabis content you produce!
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Welcome to the community


Thank you very much sir @freetheweed

Welcome to smoke, wish you a nice stay here.


Thanks very much dear @jessica

Welcome bro! Much success to you and to helping bring this platform up! See you around ;)