Why am I here?

9 months ago

Hey, my name is @celestal. Not in real life, but here in Smoke.io at least. Since I didn't have any weed related picture myself, I put up a mushroom as my profile pic...

...because I like mushrooms - not just the magical ones - but the normal edible ones, too.

So, I happened to hear about this place from other crypo dudes online months ago already and decided to invest on the ICO the little I could afford.

But I'm not actually that big of a stoner myself - I haven't even tasted weed for a single time.

So what am I doing here then?

I'm sure pretty much all of you agree that drug regulations as they are, are quite arbitrary and don't actually reflect the true usefulness or harmfulness of a given substance; heroin is illegal, yet at the same drug companies are allowed to pump strong opioids for doctors to prescribe, psilocybin - that on a physiological level hasn't shown any harmful long-term side effects - is illegal, and of course, marijuana that has some medical potential in pain relief, for example, is still illegal in most countries. Luckily the tides are slowly shifting from these historical laws that hold little merit under closer examination - the agenda and ideology for "drug free world" by United Nations has failed long due, firstly because we actually have legal "drugs", like alcohol already (I'd rather talk them as psychoactive substances to avoid misunderstandings) and second, because there will always be people who choose to use them despite their legal status.

I believe that people should have the freedom - cognitive liberty - to choose if they wish to alter their cognition and the experience of the world as long as it doesn't put other people in danger. And if this changing of one's cognition happens with a substance, one should be free to do so.

I am obviously an advocate for decriminalization of drugs but, in order for that to happen accordingly, I also believe people should have a free access to the information about these substances - this obviously could be disrupted by the censorship of centralized social medias.

But here enter the decentralized medias where content cannot be censored by any central entity alone. You might ask "why not just post about weed on Steemit?" It is decentralized like Smoke.io, however, here we have the community whose primary focus is around weed, so it is also easier to gather other weed-friendly people here.

This place is obviously targeted for weed related content, but like many others, I've also been thinking what does the future of Smoke Network look like content-wise. Only weed related stoner stuff? Or something beyond the lines of weed alone? Personally, I see the latter being the more likely option. And the reason for this is that people won't always want to post about weed alone - it'll dominate the posts for sure and be central part of the platform, but people want some variety at some point for sure.

"But won't Smoke.io just become another Steemit if people start posting about whatever."

Simple answer: No.

It will be different from Steemit, because here we are all "bind by weed", whether it be the interest for the plant itself, interest into the culture, or the supporting further freeflow of information and decriminalization of drugs; if you read a post by another person here, you know that he/she will (likely) have a similar attitude towards weed - a common factor which obviously helps creaing a sense of unity.

I think that explains some of why I'm here even though I haven't smoked a single joint (yet) in my life. I'm interested to see how this place will turn out, and I'm quite happy to be part of it from the beginning. Most likely I will just curate and upvote content with my small stake and probably not post too much, but we'll see.

See you around.

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Great to see you also over here and you did just kill it with this introduction post!


Thanks Pauliina, nice to have you around here too!

I'm excited to see where this platform will go! Cheers @celestal, it's cool to see even non-stoners around here supporting the cause


Hopefully it becomes apparent that we are eventually going to have to legalize cannabis, because decentralization will enable the freeflow of information no matter what the law says. I'm just hoping the process towards that goes right.

Thanks for the welcome @jeff!

Nailed it, I see this as my unadulterated outlet not just MJ related.

Great introduction, good to see free thinkers endorsing the platform!


Thank you @d00k13! Thought that free thinkers are more than welcome here.

Good to see you here, I’m all about cognitive liberty.

I think people will be ok with broader discussions that relate to cannabis - even though there is a little discussion about what is acceptable at the moment.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your idea here.


If the discussion has some quality, I definitely don't mind myself. I'd rather see that than spam.


I see spam in my sleep now (long story). But yes, I think quality content is the best thing to aim for and encourage.


I see spam in my sleep now (long story).

How bad can spam get if it can traumatize you to the level where it's intruding your dreams?

Not sure I’ve ever heard anyone describe it as cognitive liberty but that’s a great way of looking at it.


It's a real thing - at least in Wikipedia.

GREAT introduction post and explanation of your views and beliefs.


Thanks :)

Cognitive liberty is incredibly important. I believe individuals must make their own INFORMED decisions to shun DANGEROUS NARCOTICS like marihuana. It is only through that informed choice that they can be saved.


Lol, get outta here :D

Nice looking mushroom.